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Company’s Coming: 5 Go-To Recipes!

Company’s coming, what do you cook?! This post gives you five options that are great for a crowd! Your company will love all of these, and it’s easy for you to prep ahead and enjoy the dinner party.

You hang up the phone and say, “The Company’s coming tomorrow! What are we going to make?”

This post gives you five delicious options for dinner menus with MAKE AHEAD as the true theme.

Whether you’re hosting 4 people or 20+, these recipes are tried and true options that cultivate a fantastic dinner party at home.

Five Recipes to Serve When Company’s Coming

First, let’s chat about when you have company coming.

It can be fun, stressful, endearing, chaotic, all the things!

Let’s take one thing off your plate and curate a menu that has everyone fed, happy, and enjoying their time together.

Whether you’re hosting your family for a weekend, a holiday, or just for dinner one evening, these meals are a great option to serve.

My big tip when hosting people for the weekend is to stock the fridge with DIY items!

Make your sandwiches – hummus – pimento cheese – guacamole – salsa

All of these are easy for you to put out, and have your people help themselves.

This DIY Sandwich Bar was a party, but it’s a regular “thing” when I’m hosting people for a weekend.

Chicken Recipes to Serve Your Company

company comings steakhouse chicken recipe

Steakhouse Chicken is my go-to chicken dinner option for a crowd. It’s great for 4 people, but easy enough for 20!

This grilled chicken is flavor-packed with lots of Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic Expressions Dressing, and lemon juice. It’s the chicken variation of my grandfather’s steak marinade, and everyone loves this recipe!

caprese caesar salad and steakhouse marinated chicken platter

What sets this grilled chicken apart?! When you’re ready to serve, the herby steak butter gets sliced over top of the hot grilled chicken. Such a showstopper!

If I’m making this chicken recipe for a few people, I like to serve it all on one platter (this white round platter from Golden Rabbit is my favorite!) with giant slices of bread, the salad, and chicken.

caprese caesar salad

If I’m serving more than 6 people, I love to serve this easy grilled chicken recipe with a giant Caprese Caesar Salad!

Make the croissant croutons (I make them days ahead!!), which are the real star of that salad show! Putting in that little bit of effort a few days before your people arrive makes a huge difference.

Three other chicken recipes you could make:

greek chicken dinner party menu

Greek Chicken Skewers & American Greek Salad!

This is an all-time crowd favorite! Grill a bunch of chicken skewers, lay out the Greek salad, and mix up some tzatziki sauce.

greek chicken skewers

This recipe is out of this world, easy, and delish!

The tzatziki sauce with sour cream is my favorite. It makes a fantastic appetizer before the meal and transitions to the table when dinner is ready.

Plus, this meal is a great leftover option the next day. Mix all the leftovers together, stuff them inside a pita, or wrap them in naan bread, and you’ve got yourself a delicious lunchtime meal with company.

Beef Recipes to Serve

Okay, let’s chat about serving some delicious steak to your crowd.

cooking a tomahawk steak on a gas grill

Grill up a giant Tomahawk Steak, and you’ll be feeding 6 people easily.

This steak gets seasoned with salt and pepper; then a herby chimichurri sauce gets spooned overtop.

I love slicing this steak up and putting it over salad for a Simple Steak Salad.

simple steak salad

If it’s summertime, and I’m entertaining outside, this is the salad I want to serve.

The Tomahawk grills while you and your people are milling around, sipping on Lillet Sours and dipping into Mama Leah Dip.

Choosing this large cut of steak is pricey, but it feeds more people than you think.

Taco Tuesdays for a Crowd

If you’re hosting Taco Tuesday, and you’re company’s coming let’s choose a menu you will love every single time.

pulled pork chalupa

Pulled Pork Chalupa is my family’s go-to recipe for feeding a crowd. And a crowd can you feed!

Shredded pork is mixed with pinto beans, onions, and spices to create a delicious mixture that gets ladled over corn chips.

You top it like a big taco salad, and enjoy! I call this “Taco Salad on Steroids.”

epic taco bar

This serves more than 10 people with leftovers. Plus, you can ask your people to help by bringing taco toppings!

Serve this with a chips and salsa board to get the party started!

Why do I love this menu option so much? You can make it weeks ahead of time, freeze and thaw it, and then let it reheat in the slow cooker.

It’s an all-in-one meal, so you don’t need any extra side dishes. Just a sweet treat at the end, and maybe some tart margaritas!

taco tower

The next option to serve for a crowd-pleasing Taco Tuesday is this oh-so-fun Taco Tower!

Take all of your favorite taco recipes, and stack them up on a Taco Tower!

taco tower with tacos, taquitos, elote corn, and salsa on it

You’ve got hard-shell and soft tacos on the bottom layer.

Then, the middle section is elote corn, and homemade crispy rolled tacos.

taco tower dinner party idea

And the top level is guacamole, 3-Ingredient Sour Cream dip, and salsa!

This is another wonderful option for serving a crowd when the company’s coming!

Easy Side Dish Options

These recipes are all great! What about a few more side dish options you can fill out your menus with?

Brown Butter Rice is just the recipe you need! Plop it all into a baking dish, pop it in the oven, and let it bake for an hour. It’s so easy and super delicious.

Easy Hash Brown Casserole is a casserole you can make for breakfast or dinner. It pairs well with any protein, and it can be easily made ahead of time.

Easy Roasted Broccoli with Parmesan Cheese is so fast! It barely makes it off the sheet pan. This side dish recipe is so good!

Wedge Salad for a Crowd makes everyone fall in love with iceberg lettuce. It’s hunks of iceberg lettuce with big slices of shallots and cucumbers. The dressing for this salad recipe is incredible, too!

Alright, people! Which recipes are you choosing for your menus?!

Be sure to save this to your favorite Pinterest board, share it on social, and follow along for more great recipe ideas!

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