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Thanksgiving Prep Checklist

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Use this Thanksgiving Prep Checklist to help yourself stay ahead of the game, and have everything ready to go before Thanksgiving Day!

plan head for thanksgiving by following this prep challenge email series

Have you ever sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, flustered that you’ve been cooking all day, people have been asking you when dinner will be ready, and you just want to take a nap?!

You finish eating 20 minutes later and someone says “All that work for 20 minutes!” ?????

Subscribe below for a November Thanksgiving Prep Challenge! 


Walking you through every step you need to take to savor this season, and truly enjoy not only Thanksgiving but the entire holiday season! 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. What to do three weeks ahead of time: prep the guest rooms, call the plumber, etc
  2. Two weeks ahead of time: plan your menu, fill in your game plan, finalize your guest list
  3. One week ahead: read all your recipes & plan your equipment, make the pie crusts, begin thawing your turkey

And so so so much more! 

The emails will have a checklist inside and when to plug the tasks into your calendar. 

You may even get a few recipes along the way – you’ll have to subscribe to the challenge to find out! 

You can find your copy of this fabulous checklist in my FREE resource library below. {I update this library often, so you’ll want to save the password when it comes through on email!}

It’s helpful to go ahead and purchase a copy of the Holiday Hostess Handbook, which includes every recipe for Thanksgiving, lots of appetizer ideas, and simple tips and tricks to help you ENJOY the holiday season!

This Amazon List is so so helpful if you need to catch up on the must-have items for the big day! 

Here are a few things you can do ahead of time to help yourself through the holiday season:

  1. Keep cleaning supplies in all bathrooms – go ahead and store a roll of paper towels and some cleaning solutions under your sink, in your closet, wherever you can find. If they’re there, it’s easy to “swish and swipe” over everything a couple of times a week, instead of the deep clean.
  2. Prep your guest rooms well before the first guest arrives. Change the sheets, dust all the surfaces, clean the windows, vacuum. Close the door and don’t open it until just before they arrive! 
  3. Stock up on easy to assemble food items for when you have the afternoon snackies or you just need to get by. Chips & salsa are a great thing to keep on hand at all times!

If you are able, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, set your table as much as you can. Sometimes, if I know we may have some extras come I’ll at least put the plates, glasses, flatware, napkins, candles, etc on the buffet next to the table. That way, I can “toss” it all on the table as soon as I know how many people will be seated.

On Wednesday, I’ll go ahead and add the centerpiece. Which is usually some flowers and lots of candles. Or, just all candles in the center!

If the table has a centerpiece, I’ll often forgo adding places around the table, and let people sit wherever they want. Do the whole meal buffet style where you pick up plates + napkins + flatware with the food. 

From preparing the food to setting the table, to checking over guest rooms and last-minute items, this thanksgiving prep checklist has it all! 

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thanksgiving preparations checklist 

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  1. This is genius! It’s ridiculous that Thanksgiving has become such a stressful day–kind of negates the purpose, right? Thanks for such a helpful guide!

  2. This is fantastic! I wish I had had this the first time I hosted Thanksgiving. It would have made my life so much easier. Thank you!

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