Individual Cheeseboards

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Individual Cheeseboards are the newest Insta-worthy cheese board trend!
Creating individual cheese boards is a fun and practical way to enjoy the basics without sharing.

individual cheeseboard idea

Individual cheeseboards are exactly what you want on a Tuesday evening, while still enjoying the season on the porch. All the items of a big cheese board, put onto small wooden plates creating a cheese board for one, that you don’t have to share! I mean, we’ve all been there when you go back to the big cheese board hoping for the one certain item, and it’s gone. No more, friends! 

cheese board for one idea

Individual cheeseboards are the thing this fall. I picked up these cute wooden plates at Marshall’s the other day, of course, there was only one set, but I got them and promptly found them online. I can see using them in so many different ways, not just serving food, would they look so cute with the battery-operated candles on top with lovely branches from the yard?

cheese board for two

Creating individual cheeseboards is an excellent way to celebrate at home, but still being the fancy wonderful you! 

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Small plates. I used small wooden ones, but any plate will do!
  • 2-3 cheeses
  • 2 fruits
  • 2 types of meat
  • 2 crackers

Extra goodies you could include…

  • nuts
  • dried fruit
  • quince paste
  • olives
  • honey
  • mustards

Making a cheeseboard for one person

This is a new trend in the place setting world – I’ve seen it at a few weddings, where the place setting has a small charcuterie plate with the person’s name above it. So cute, y’all! And, how fun is that?! Sitting down to a simple cheese plate, just for YOU!

Let’s talk our way through this individual cheeseboard:

small cheeseboard idea

At Trader Joe’s they have the BEST ginger snaps. I love pairing these with their Unexpected Cheddar + a dollop of lemon curd. The lemon curd wasn’t included on the plate, but the cheddar + ginger combo was still amazing. That spicy note from the ginger snaps, along with the very unexpected creamy but nutty flavor of the cheddar is a match made in cheesy heaven! I also added grapes to the plate. These are called Gum Drop grapes from The Fresh Market, and are sweeter than candy! We couldn’t stop eating them!

cheese on a small wooden plate

Next, we move on to ham + manchego. Just plain smoked ham from the deli, y’all! If you are feeling that fancy-fancy, pick up some Serrano ham and keep that Spanish vibe going. The ham pairs well with the Manchego cheese. 

What is Manchego Cheese?

  • It’s a Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk, that’s been aged for over a year.
  • It has a creamy texture, with some air pockets sometimes.
  • Manchego cheese has a rind that is inedible, but great to use as a serving “guard” for other things on the cheeseboard.

cheeseboard using items from trader joe's

Now, y’all. These Fig + Olive Crisps from Trader Joe’s are uh-mazing! ((P.S. This is not sponsored. TJ’s has no idea who I am, except for my local Tj’s. They know me very well.))  I don’t love olives, so I was slightly hesitant to try these. However, they’re not at all overpowering with olive flavor. Just simply fruitful yet salty, making it the perfect cheese plate accompaniment. I also added a slew of pepperoni, because why not! Once again, it pairs with the Manchego perfectly!

individual cheese board idea

Finally, back around to more grapes + thin apple slices. I love apples + cheddar, it has always been one of my favorite combos. In my college days, I can remember sitting in the sorority house eating pears with Laughing Cow cheese or apples and cheddar while catching up. Such a good combo, y’all!

individual cheeseboard appetizer plate

Need some easy recipe ideas to include on a big cheeseboard?

You can save this to your favorite cheese board on Pinterest for future use!

date night cheeseboard for two ideas

In conclusion, having all the items on hand for small individual cheeseboards is simple. Enjoy, y’all!

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  1. I love these for individual portions. No fighting over who gets what. I love the different flavors going on here and Trader Joes is the best spot to find all the necessary ingredients.

    1. They should rebrand for just everything cheese board. 😉 Or, open a sister store! Every time I’m in there, I end up with cheeseboard items. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my gosh, now I can horde a cheeseboard all to myself?! Lovvvve this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I found these cuties at Marshalls, but Amazon sells the same ones! I linked to them in the post above!

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