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Stick of Butter Rice (Brown Butter Rice)

Stick of Butter Rice is one of the most delicious side dish recipes with a few simple ingredients! This rice dish is a crowd-pleaser, and great for Holiday dinners!

Stick of Butter Rice, or Brown Butter Rice as I call it is one of the amazing old-school recipes that is found in Junior League cookbooks from the 70s.

The recipe is a can of beef consommé, a can of French onion soup, a cup of uncooked white rice, and half a stick of butter.

This serves 4-6 people, and when you double the recipe, it becomes the “Stick of Butter Rice Recipe.”

And yes, you will use an entire stick of butter when you double the recipe. And, yes! It is the best rice you might ever have!

This easy-to-make side dish pairs so well with Best Steakhouse Marinated Chicken!

How to Make Stick of Butter Rice

First, let’s gather the ingredients:

Beef Consommé – this is essentially Beef Broth that only uses beef bones to create the soup.

Beef consomme soup is a delightful culinary creation that showcases the beauty of simplicity and purity. Unlike its counterparts, beef broth or beef stock, consomme is the epitome of refined taste and sophistication.

Rich in flavor and velvety in texture, this golden elixir is meticulously prepared by simmering a combination of beef bones, aromatic vegetables, and herbs. The resulting liquid is then gently strained, removing any impurities and rendering a crystal-clear consomme with an intense, concentrated taste.

Can of Condensed French Onion Soup – this one from Campbell’s is delightful, being from a can!

Now, I would never serve this like french onion soup, but it works so well for this savory side dish.

Uncooked Rice – Plain, white rice is great! Jasmine rice will do well. I’ve never used actual brown rice, but I’m sure it would work just as well.

Pats of Butter – You can use unsalted butter or salted butter, whatever you have is great to use in this rice side dish.

I haven’t used it, but I’m curious to know how Kerrygold’s Garlic and Herb Butter would taste in this casserole recipe! I’m sure it would be heavenly.

Next, let’s gather the kitchen supplies you’ll need:

A good Casserole Dish. This can be aluminum if you’re taking it on the road. Or, it can be a beautiful serving piece.

If you’re making the original recipe, you’ll need a 9-inch baking dish.

Can you believe that’s all you’ll need? Well, you might need a can opener, a knife to cut the whole stick of butter, and a spoon to stir everything together.

Other additions to the stick of butter rice recipe people add in:

Mushrooms — after I posted this viral recipe on TikTok I got so many suggestions for items you can mix in, and this was the most suggested! You could also add mushroom soup.

Ground Beef – another suggestion was to stir in some browned ground beef for an all-in-one easy recipe idea.

Tangy Worcestershire Sauce – this umami-filled sauce would be an excellent addition, especially if you use lower sodium beef stock.

Brown Butter Rice Recipe

Prepping this Tasty Side Dish

In your casserole dish combine rice and canned soups. Give this a good stir, then dot the top of the rice with butter.

It looks like a precarious situation, and it won’t turn out well, but trust the process!

You’ll cover the flavorful rice with aluminum foil, and cook for half an hour.

After half an hour, you’ll uncover the rice, give it a gentle stir, then place it back in the oven for another half an hour.

This perfect side dish comes out with a rich flavor that pairs well with almost any main course.

While you may want to prep this simple dish ahead of time, it’s so easy you can do it right before you need to bake it! If you mixed it together earlier in the day, the rice would start absorbing the liquid, and it might skew your cooking time.

Easy Rice Side Dish Recipe

Serving Brown Butter Rice

This great side dish is perfect for Christmas dinners, potluck dinners, or any evening weeknight meal.

It’s one of those simple recipes that goes with anything.

A pork loin, a big ham, Grandma’s Roasted Turkey, and Beef Tenderloin.

It’s also the perfect bed for this Southern Smothered Chicken Recipe! All the onion gravy trickles down into the buttery rice, and it’s a dream dinner idea!

The fluffy rice has notes of beef broth and rich butter. It’s a simple side dish with a huge wow factor! People go nuts over the fact that this recipe is so easy, but incredibly delicious.

Another delicious main dish idea is Cathy’s Chicken Recipe – the creamy sauce is the perfect addition to the buttery rice side dish.

If you end up with leftovers, just store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days. When you go to reheat the rice the next day, place an ice cube in the center of your portion, microwave for 1 minute, and remove the ice cube.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make this in the Instant Pot?

I’m sure you can! I’ve never tried it, but there are plenty of instant pot stick of butter rice recipes on the internet!

Do you have to use beef products?

Nope! You can definitely switch out the soups for chicken broth. You’ll be missing the beefy rice taste, but if you’re not a fan of beef, this rice casserole is definitely not for you. Simply replace the 2 cans of beef soups with 21 ounces of chicken broth.

Stick of Butter Rice (Brown Butter Rice Recipe)
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Stick of Butter Rice (Brown Butter Rice)

  • Author: Sweetpea
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 60 min
  • Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Yield: 810 1x
  • Category: side dish
  • Method: oven-baked
  • Cuisine: southern


Stick of Butter Rice is one of the most delicious side dish recipes with a few simple ingredients! This rice dish is a crowd pleaser, and great for Holiday dinners!


  • 2, 10.5 ounce can of Beef Consommé Soup
  • 2, 10.5 ounce can of Campbell’s Condensed French Onion Soup
  • 2 cups White Jasmine Rice
  • 1 stick of Butter, cut into small slices.


  1. Preheat your oven to 350˚
  2. In a greased casserole dish, pour soup cans and rice into the bottom.
  3. Mix the soups and rice around.
  4. Dot the top with slices of butter.
  5. Cover and bake for 30 minutes at 350˚.
  6. After 30 minutes, uncover and bake for another 30 minutes.
  7. Before serving, give a little fluff.


Additional mix-ins, sauteed mushrooms, exchange a can of cream of mushroom soup for one of the canned soups, or some browned ground beef, or pork chops.

You can also exchange the beef soups for 21 ounces of chicken broth if you’re not a fan of beef.

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