Small Space Gathering Guide

Ever wanted to host a small space gathering but were too afraid? Here’s an encouraging guide to inspire you to open your doors and gather your people around!

small space gathering guide

If you’ve ever said:⁣
“My house is wayyy too small to entertain!”⁣
“I don’t have a dining table, I could never have people over!”⁣
“My apartment is an ITTY BITTY LIVING SPACE…”⁣

✨ You can STILL gather people in your small space! ✨⁣

I’ve got 3 tips for gathering your people in a small space and having a BIG time.

I’ll be honest, I’ve got an ongoing list of things that irk me.

Seriously, it’s in my phone, under ‘Pet Peeves.’ ((Talk about petty!))

Something I hear over and over that REALLY riles me up is people talking about how they don’t know *how* to host.

They tell me why they can’t let people in their home, or how they can’t cook, or how it’s not perfect, so why bother.

So, WHINING went into my Pet Peeves list.

Why do I bother?!

  • I bother because we all need each other.
  • I bother because it’s life-giving to gather with people.

small space gathering guide
Repeat after me, out loud for all to hear:

?Gathering people means opening the door.

? It doesn’t need to be perfect.

?‍♂️ I am able.

Tip #1:

Go outside and open your front door.

What small change can you make to your entryway that will make someone feel welcome the moment they enter?

Does it feel cluttered and chaotic, or does it feel neat and tidy?

Your home doesn’t need to be perfect, but having a neat and tidy entryway sets the tone immediately.

colorful-diy-welcome-sign-18I mean, how sweet and charming is this sign that greets you when you walk in the door?! Head over to The American Patriette’s blog to snag the super easy tutorial!

Tip #2

Have *good* snacks!

When you’re entertaining in a small space you don’t have to serve a full dinner. Snacks on the kitchen counters or coffee table are sufficient. 

And who doesn’t love a snacky-dinner?! 

cheese board, charcuterie board, grazing board ideas

My favorite thing to serve in a small space is a cheeseboard. 

Any kind of board!

This post has DOZENS of ideas for you!

This post contains affiliate links.

If you need some help investing in #allthecheeseboardthings check out my Amazon storefront filled with great pieces.

Tip #3: 

Serve some beverages!

No, they don’t have to be boozy, but who doesn’t love to be greeted at the door with a nice cold glass of champagne?!

greeting someone with champagne

A big drink dispenser filled with Vanilla Almond Tea is another perfect way to cheers each other.

Check out my Amazon Storefront for all things at home entertaining — I’m continually adding my favorite things to this list!


Alright, if you’ve made it this far you may be hankering for some more small space entertaining tips. I’ve got a great printable for you — A Small Space Entertaining Guide filled with tips to help you gather your people well in any sized place! Subscribe below to magically download!


Save this graphic to your favorite entertaining board!

How to Entertain in Small Spaces



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