It’s hard juggling cooking with a busy schedule but that’s real life.

You long for a table filled with people, 
creating magical memories around mealtime…

but you’re wasting your time trying to do allll the “insta-worthy” things…

Hi, I’m Ashley! 

Time Management

The Sweetpea behind Sweetpea Lifestyle. 

I’m the hostess with the mostest who is ringing in the
new southern belle
{Curious about the New Southern Belle… Keep going, it’s about to get so good!}

I’ve edited out the mess of the over-complicated dinner party!
{this isn’t your grandma’s 1950s Bridge Luncheon!}

I’m your fairy godmother for maximizing your time 
{Ready to reclaim your time in the kitchen and the headspace that goes along with it?!}

Creating unforgettable memories around the table.
{You can say, BYE FELICIA! To the elaborate “tablescape”… we ain’t got time for cringy!}

After all, it’s not about the stuff on the table, or heck, even the food!

It’s about showing up for the people in your world, 
and sowing the seeds of relationshipstogether.

Create meaningful mealtimes, bring soul-filling conversation into your life, 
And leave the NOISE of social-media-induced imposter syndrome at the door! 

You’ll feel totally PREPARED

SWEETPEA SECRET: You’ll be sitting around WAITING for your guests to arrive… 
Leaving you time to mix a little pre-dinner party cocktail! Cheers!

After hosting hundreds of dinner parties, I share my best recipes and hosting tips that have been 
tested and thoughtfully curated for you across many platforms! 

If you’re looking to open your doors with a cocktail in one hand, a “Hey, Y’all! Come on in!” in the other, 
and a table filled with deliciously easy food, pull up a chair

Grab your glass of Vanilla Almond Tea and find some motivating inspiration.

And just where might you find all this goodness?!

Where you can find Sweetpea Lifestyle on the internet

Step 1: Peruse the website! Pack your toolkit full of exactly what you need:

Step 2: The Sweetpea Shop is LOADED with digital products that make your life easier! 

Step 3: The Hey, Ashley! Membership Collective is for the person who wants it all…

  • Exclusive Content
  • Dinner Party Kits – complete with Game Plan, menu, shop list, and so much more!
  • No Ads!

If you’ve ever wanted someone in your back pocket, at the ready, to help you curate your party menu, tell you exactly what to keep in your pantry, or help you through meal planning for your week… This is the cozy space for you!

{{The doors welcome new Sweet Friends two, maybe three, times a year! Get on the list if this made your skirt fly up!}}

What REAL PEOPLE are saying:

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“We make Sweetpea’s
Sloppy Joe Sandwiches
at least once a week!
My kids love them!”
Wife and Busy Mom
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Quick & Easy Pulled Pork Chalupa is my go-to entertaining meal! It’s so easy, and I can ask guests to bring something. Making them feel included while helping me!”
Busy Mom
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I am slowly learning to
manage my time better,
giving my headspace a bit of breathing room.”
Newly Single

You can find me over at Allrecipes, where I’m an Allstar. I enjoy reviewing recipes and adding new ones for others to try!

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setting intentional goals for your business

When I’m not hosting or creating content, I’m relaxing with a glass of champagne and re-watching Friends for the 100th time.

My favorite part of any trip is coming home  –– so a night in with a glass of wine is just my cup of tea..!

Speaking of tea, I’ve never had a cup of coffee before… I’m the girl who loves her British tea and a good, flaky scone.

Favorite Snack? A cheeseboard of any kind, spicy salsa with salty tortilla chips, or just some finger-licking Cheetos!

A movie I could watch over and over? It’s a toss-up between Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias! ((Julia Roberts is just the best, huh?!)) True Confessions: if I’ve seen a movie and I know how it ends, I will turn it off before the “scary parts.” 

I also read the last page of a book before buying it…


If you’re in the Asheville area, you can find me…

  • Sipping a Vesper Martini at Jettie Rae’s
  • Dipping into a plate full of Tot-Chos from Rankin Vault
  • Whipping into a Wake Spa foot soakyes, it’s as luxurious as it sounds!

Ready to start living the Sweetpea Lifestyle?

Snag your copy of the Hostess Handbook and order up the groceries for Angry Lasagna!

And while you’re at it, call up a friend and have them over for dinner! 

Mainly so you can show off your new chops…

Really, it’s because that’s the Sweetpea way! You share what you have with those you know!

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