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Taco Tower (Fun Taco Party Idea!)

Taco Tower Party Idea! It’s the next fun taco party you’ve got to plan! Fill your tiered serving tray with all the tacos and dips you can serve to your hungry people, and enjoy an amazing dinner party around the table!

taco tower party idea

If you’re ready to up your Taco Tuesday game, this post is for you!

You’ll take a tiered serving tray and fill it with all the taco recipes you love most!

I filled mine with chicken and beef crunchy tacos, taquitos, elote corn, and many dips.

What are you putting on yours?!

How to Make a Taco Tower

Let’s chat about the components of this tower, starting at the bottom.

crunchy tacos on a taco tower

I kept it simple with easy ground beef tacos, diced chicken tacos, and a soft + hard taco combo!

When I’m hosting a dinner party, I spend a lot of time thinking about what can be done beforehand.

The ground beef taco mixture, the diced chicken mixture, and the shredded beef mixture for this taco party were all made beforehand.

However, I did “jazz it up” by using some new-to-me-flavored taco shells! Ranch and Bold Cheese were my favorites! I ordered them using my Walmart+ app and had them all delivered. Yay!

taco tower with crunchy tacos

I don’t have a recipe for the chicken tacos, and I just browned a pound of diced chicken with a packet of the Hidden Valley Rancho Taco seasoning.

tacos for a big taco party

Now, let’s move to the middle tier of this Taco Tower.

I’m not the biggest corn lover. But I do enjoy it occasionally.

I tossed corn pieces with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Elote seasoning and olive oil.

air fryer elote

I let the corn pieces air fry for a while, then tossed them in a mayo- and parmesan-based sauce. It was super delicious!

These were piled high next to some Homemade Crispy Rolled Tacos.

taquitos on a taco tower

Talk about crispy, yummy goodness, y’all!

These Crispy-Rolled Tacos are stuffed with cheese and shredded beef, rolled up in a flour tortilla, and fried on the stovetop.

These reheat so well, too!

Top Tier of the Taco Tower

Alright, now let’s talk about the top tier of the tower.

taco tower party

It’s where I put all the dips and taco toppings.

I filled little clear glass tea cups with store-bought guacamole, salsa, and a homemade green onion dip that I shared on Instagram.

When I host a “bar party” of sorts, the thing that gets me flustered quickly is all the little bits and pieces that must be put out at the last minute.

I wanted the tacos to be hot for this taco tower; so after crisping the hard taco shells, I filled them with the taco filling in a big aluminum pan.

make ahead tacos

I topped it with a light sprinkling of shredded cheese and heated it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

This way, I could get everything on the taco tower assembled and ready, then add the tacos at the last moment before taking the whole thing to the table.

If someone could invent a heated tray that would be great!

taco tower

Who’s hosting a Taco Tower?!

This party idea is really easy! You could even DoorDash your favorite Mexican food and fill your tiered tray! I won’t tell!

Here are a few options for trays. I bought mine at TJ Maxx over a decade ago, and I’ve never seen one like it since!

White 3-Tiered Serving Tray

Silver 3-Tiered Serving Tray—This is the closest one I’ve found to mine. I love that it comes apart for easy clean-up.

taco tower

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