45 Cheeseboards that will BLOW Your Mind!

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Cheeseboards are the IT trend right now, filled with creamy cheese, crisp crackers, or salty-cured meats, there are many ways to create cheeseboards that amaze your people!

The “board” train is REAL on Pinterest and Instagram!! If you’ve ever wanted to create your own board, but felt intimidated by doing so this post is for YOU! I’ve listed out 45 boards that will help you achieve Insta-worthy gatherings ready for your people anytime. Cheeseboards are simple but look intimidating. 


We’ve all seen the amazing cheeseboards on Pinterest and Instagram, but have you ever wanted to create one yourself??

And, maybe you buy all the things that go on the board, but realize you have no idea how to place them.

Or, you realize you need one more bowl to fit that little bit of jam.

I’ll talk you through my favorite items to have on hand, but you can also pop over to my Cheeseboard Essentials shop page on Amazon.


First, you need a board. Whether that is large, medium, or an individual cheeseboard. I have a very large board, that is rimmed. It’s really an IKEA coffee table tray, but I use it for creating large grazing boards – like this one I made Tomato Bruschetta on this summer. 

Below is a round board with a small rim, and handles! Which is great for toting this around your home or porch making memories while grazing!

I also love just plain cutting boards for cheeseboards  – you already have one, why not fill it up with all kind of goodies?!

While we are speaking of wooden boards, you’ll want to invest in some board balm. Before placing food on your board each time, give it a good “shine up” and add a tinge of board balm, and make your board shine really well! You can also do this with any olive oil. 

Next up, you’ll need tools to create all these cheeseboards!

A good set of cheese knives aren’t essential, but they do come in handy since they are small. You can find these at Home Goods, Target, Marshalls, anywhere! You’ll see they even make some cheeseboards that have knives built into them.

Small ramekins are helpful for ‘housing’ jams and other spreadable items such as preserves, honey, olives, etc. While little bowls are cute, I like keeping white ramekins on hand, since they’re versatile and let whatever you put in them really stand out.  This is one way you can make your cheeseboards look full, too! By using a few of these ramekins, then adding all the goodies around them.

Investing in wooden utensils such as a honeycomb, tongs, and spreaders make your board look cohesive, but give people the freedom to serve themselves. Yay!

Cheese storage paper is helpful – did you know when you wrap your cheese in cling wrap or a plastic bag that it will go bad more quickly? 


The best tip I can give you is find a picture and recreate it! 

There are all kinds of cheeseboards you can make. Some have just a few items on them, placed strategically. Others are jam-packed with all kinds of things all over the board. 



45 Cheeseboards that will BLOW Your Mind!

Which cheeseboards or boards were your faves?! I love the brunch boards, I think I’ll be giving that a go this summer! Leave me a note in the comments with YOUR fave!

You can save this to your Cheeseboard Pinterest Board for ‘safe keeping!’

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  1. Absolutely loving all of the amazing options! You’ll definitely be party ready with any of these choices.

    1. Sure thing!! Lots of amazing people make amazing boards — I’ll be sharing more over the summer, too!

  2. Mind officially blown! I have actually never made a cheese board, but now I don’t feel intimidated. Thank you. Pinning for later!

  3. Come on! There is no vegetarian charkuterie or cheese board without cheese! And that “Galentine’s Day Dessert Charcuterie”!




  4. Yap. Blew my mind. Not in a good way.
    You see, I love cheese. When you tempt me by saying “CHEESE board”, I expect to get cheese. If there is no cheese on the board – or just 1 kind of cheese that’s not in any way more important or impressive as the rest of the things on the board, like for example cream cheese for a bagel platter, or a cheese dip on a veggie platter, or some melted cheese on potatoes – then it’s not a cheese board, and YOU ARE LYING TO ME.
    And I WILL resent you for it.
    And you don’t have a chance. You can serve me the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful, delicious things, and I won’t find anything good in it, because you said it was cheese and it isn’t. I also will judge everything else you do after that as cheating and lying, how ever good and honest and truthful and correct you are.

    Now, this could SO EASILY be avoided, if you just called it “45 platters that will blow your mind”.
    Yes. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing platters, that look very delicious, and most certainly will blow my mind in a good way.

    Might feel like I’m being an a-hole and pedantic and all that, but this is how human beings work. If it doesn’t matter, fine, but it does matter to a lot of people. I am not alone finding things like that important.
    Now – of course there will always be people who find something to criticize, what ever you do, and, of course, it’s all on you – BUT – I am not asking impossible, or even difficult things. I am asking a little thinking about what words mean, and a little bit of bother to not just use the first word that comes to mind, and a bit of common decency and consideration. It’s not an unreasonable request, and it will save you from some (well deserved) criticism.
    Of course, you do what you want and choose, it’s your blog.

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