Summer Entertaining Essentials

Summer Entertaining Essentials will help you feel ready to enjoy quality time with your people around a table of good food!

Summer Entertaining Essentials

Summer entertaining essentials are so much fun to have around.

You may be thinking “Do I really need SUMMER things?! Can’t I just use what I have?!”

Well, sure! I always recommend using what you have first… 

I love using festive serving ware on a plain table.

Most of the time, that means no tablecloth, just a wooden table. 

And, this really works for outdoor entertaining! 

But, just in case you need a little sparkle in your life, here are my favorite summer entertaining essentials, that make it extra festive.

Summer Entertaining Essentials:

Seafood Tower from Anthropologie

A three-tiered serving tray is so useful, y’all! Not only could you host an afternoon tea, but you can also serve fruit trays, vegetable options, lots of sandwiches, cookies galore, etc. The Seafood Tower from Anthropologie not only gives you the Hamptons-esque vibe you want in the summertime, but you can use it all year long for multiple things.

Forget the fancy items coming up in this lineup — these are all you need! You can drink out of them, make salad dressing, store everything and anything, and use it as a vase. Once again, you can never have too many!

Speaking of drinks, you definitely need a drink dispenser! Pitchers are great for small parties, but usually, I still use my dispensers. Fill it up, and very rarely do you need to refill. I love adding water to one, and the party cocktail to the other side. Tie on a chalkboard label, and you’ll have a party in no time! 

Want to change your dining room lighting just magical?! Add these to your table amidst branches and flowers — it’s quite something! ((Get the battery-operated ones! Target sells them in their dollar spot each season. I always buy 4-5 of them!)) 

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Summer Entertaining Essentials

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