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Make Your Own Sandwich Bar (Party Idea for a Crowd)

Make Your Own Sandwich Bar is a your next party idea! Whether it’s the summertime or Game Day, this is a great way to feed a hungry crowd.

make your own sandwich bar

The next time you’re hosting, try a DIY sandwich platter! You’ll lay out all the sandwich fixings and let people make their own sandwiches.

I recently hosted this party for a Masters Pickle Party. It was Masters Weekend and friends and I had discussed hosting a pickle party.

A big Make Your Own Sandwich board was displayed, and everyone helped themselves to sandwiches, pickles, and drinks!

How to Set Up a Make Your Own Sandwich Bar

This is an easy party, as long as you have everything ready!

Here’s what I did the night before the party:

diy sandwich party

​I’ve got a tiered serving display, so I placed the deli meats on one tray.

The deli meats were roast beef, smoked turkey, slices of ham, etc.

The next tray has lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, and sliced onions (I used sweet onions, but feel free to use red onion).

diy sandwich tray

One tray had sliced cheese: provolone, american, and swiss!

These all “lived” in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap until people were ready to eat.

tuna salad at a make your own sandwich party

Next to all the cold cuts, there was some homemade Tuna Salad in a bowl. I love a delicious sandwich of tuna salad, pickles, and lettuce! 

I also made a pickle dip and onion dip for the chips.

Whatever your favorite sandwich recipes are, make your own sandwich platter with all those fixings!

This is a great idea for family dinners when it’s a busy week, and people are coming and going.

The buffet line started with slices of bread on a cake platter. I also sliced some hoagie rolls in case someone wanted that kind of sandwich.

condiments for a DIY sandwich party

They moved down the buffet to the condiment section with all kinds of mustard, mayo, etc.

Then, people piled their plates high with crispy chips and filled their pickle picks!

chip bar

Sandwich Shop Ideas

You can order party platters from Publix Deli, that have all kinds of cold cuts and cheese. But, they offer one party platter that is all the extras for a really good sandwich! Bell peppers, banana peppers, sweet peppers, etc.

If you’re pressed for time this is the best way to feed your hungry family! Just order it, and place the party trays out for people to help themselves.

sandwich bar party setup

Whether you’re hosting for the big game, a baby shower, or a holiday party, this DIY Sandwich Party is a winner!

Things You Can Do Ahead of Time

For this party, the island was pre-set with the butcher paper and all the “places” for things to go.

Everything was waiting for me in the fridge or right in its place, ready to open.

The hardest part about this party was opening all the pickle jars and condiment bottles!

masters bar setup

You can make the Azalea Cocktail and Vanilla Almond Iced Tea the night before, too!

Pickle Bar

Y’all, I also included a Pickle Bar, where people filled their bamboo picks with all the pickles their hearts desired!

pickle bar

You’re going to love hosting this DIY Sandwich Bar!

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  1. I love this and will definitely have a sandwich bar for the volunteers at our next Hog & Strings fundraising event! Thank you for sharing!!

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