Simplify Your Stuff. You Don’t Need It All.


Aren’t we all trying to achieve a more organized life, room, desk, closet, kitchen, etc…

For me, I pin organizational tidbits almost daily. I love looking and reading at organizational blogs, articles, and webinars.


Here’s the kicker: I may appear organized, but I’m not. I have grand ideas for being so, but rarely get it together enough to “do” that major task.

At the Becoming Conference in Black Mountain, NC this past August, Barbara Hemphill was the keynote speaker. Her talk was incredibly convicting, yet overwhelmingly easy to put to work.

Here are my notes from her opening session:

Have an intentional setting in which you can “accomplish your work and enjoy your life.” This goes for your desk, your closet, your kitchen, your craft room, your wherever. When everything has a place, you are more apt to put it away..

Saving you space, time, energy, and money. {{SYSTEM}} Yielding a happier heart. 

Why are your organizing?? So you can…

Barbara’s 5 Steps. 

#1. State your vision: 
What would organized be, if it were organized?
#2. Identify your obstacles: 
What’s standing in your way?
#3. Commit your resources: 
What/who can help?
#4. Design & Execute your plan: 
How much time and money are you willing to use to move forward?
#5. Sustain Your Success: 
What doesn’t work over time? What do I need to do to change?

Where do I start??

Barbara Hemphill

How do you make a decision??
– what is clutter?
– how comfortable are you getting rid of it?
– what is the worst possible thing that could happen if I didn’t have it?

Do any of “these” help me accomplish my work and enjoy my life??

If not, it’s clutter. GET IT OUT.

What is my motivation for getting rid of clutter?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
My #1 space I want clutter free is my bedroom. 
My goal before 2013 ends is to completely de-clutter. And make my room a place where I enjoy life. 
My #2 space would be my craft room/office. 
I want to be able to craft, photograph, and blog efficiently in this space. 

Accomplishing my work and enjoying life. 

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