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Powersheets Tribe Prep Party!

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Host a Powersheets Tribe Prep Party and begin to 
Cultivate What Matters with Powersheets® Intentional Goal Planner. Guiding you to live your best life!

Not sure what Powersheets® are?!

They’re a beautifully bound workbook that helps you cultivate intentional goals. 

They’re for you if you need help to:

what are powersheets










Take a peek inside and see all the amazing things!


 I started using Powersheets® in 2014 when they were hole punched, and you added them to a binder yourself.  I *tried* to work through them myself and failed miserably. Maybe a couple of months were completed?!

I then asked a friend if she wanted to do them with me – I knew I needed an accountability partner. Someone who would show up and ask me how I was cultivating my goals. 

From then we added a few people. And our Powersheets® Tribe began. This will be our third year as a Powersheets® Tribe and we have a new friend joining us! Yay!! Knowing a room of ladies is waiting to see what I accomplished that month, and help me focus my attention exactly where it needs to be is the KEY to Powersheets®. 

I wanted to share with you how you can start your own Powersheets® Tribe – and begin cultivating relationships around the table. 

powersheets clear vision

First, you may be thinking of the hefty price tag… But! It is something you will use almost daily. 

price of powersheets That’s not so much, is it?!

What do you get with Powersheets®?

Let’s talk about Powersheets Tribe Prep Party!

Powersheets® begins with several pages of “Prep Work.” It narrows your focus and stirs your heart and mind to thoughtfully cultivate intentional goals. 

This requires lots of snacks and candy and drinks and pens and markers and all the office supplies!

powersheets prep work party

So, last year, I wanted us to work through the prep work together. It’s 30+ pages of self-reflection and focus. It was incredibly helpful to process this out loud with others.

And! It was such a fun, fun overnight!

Each lady got a bag of goodies because I love giving gifts to others. And we had lots of markers, colored pencils, and pens, treats, and drinks. 


We sat around the table and traded “answers,” talked and laughed our way through the prep work. It still takes a couple of weeks to really get through it.

We all noted that we went back to different pages over and over and added or adjusted something.

But, overall, doing the work with others really motivates you to begin your upcoming new year with excitement.

We do this in the last week of the year. It’s a great nod to the closing year, and a giant hello to a new year that is filled with hope. 

If you need some help choosing a (beautiful!) cover, use this hand guide below. The teal and pink covers are a linen texture – this year, I went with pink!

powersheets covers

Cultivate What Matters with Powersheets® Intentional Goal Planner. Guiding you to live your best life!





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