Do It Yourself: Old Window to Magnetic Chalkboard!

Who doesn’t love a good craft???? Who doesn’t love  FUNCTIONAL craft???!

I love multi-use items. And, I love repurposing an item!

This Magnetic Chalkboard is the best of both worlds. Though I have yet to hang it and use it as a magnetic board, I have loved using it so far!

Here she is being used as a menu board for our most recent party.

Right now, it is being used as our Christmas Greeting!

You will notice my Mighty magnets at the bottom! Those suckers don’t want to come off!

Want to see a how easy it is to make your own magnetic chalkboard!?

Here’s what you will need:

Magnetic paint – I used Martha Stewart’s brand, and I absolutely LOVE it.
Chalkboard paint – Once again, Martha Stewart… In the grey color.
Paint tray
Rolling paint thing – you know those cylinders that put paint on your walls smoothly??
Small paint brush – to use around the edges

Yep, I used the iPhone… And it’s blurry!

Smooth your magnetic paint on to your clean window, or whatever item you are painting. Let this coat dry for 15-30 minutes. Then add a second. Let it sit for a day. One whole day!

Thanks, iPhone!

This was during the waiting period….

Add your chalkboard paint in the same manner you did your magnetic paint. I used two layers… I didn’t want it to be so layered in chalk paint that the magnetic-ness didn’t come through? I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but in my mind it was! Let this “cure” for a day.

Then, when you are ready to write on your board, take a piece of chalk on it’s side and cover the entire board. Erase, then let those creative juices flow!

A few tips for writing on chalkboards that I have learned in the {very} short chalkboard writing/drawing career…

1. Draw your design on a piece of paper or on the computer. 

2. Use no more than 3 font styles.

3. A border makes it pop.

4. If you wet your chalk before writing, it will go on lighter, but dry darker. I don’t make the rules, I just say “yes ma’am!”

5. If you don’t like what you’ve made, ERASE IT! Yay. 

6. Keep a damp paper towel close by for small touch ups.

Good luck with your board!!!

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