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Creating a welcoming entry way for an apartment can be tricky. Here are some easy tips for using what you have to decorate a small entry!

I’m feeling all kinds of LIFESTYLE these days! I’ve been thinking about the results from a survey I sent out about month ago. I received SUPER helpful incite into my audiences needs, and I got a lot of questions about what my ‘systems’ are for myself. So, I thought I would start taking you through my teeny tiny apartment, and show you how I keep a routine.


When you live in an apartment, often times, the “usual” things you want to do for decor just don’t work. I don’t have front door that I can have a cute welcome mat, or wreath that says “Come on in, y’all!” I walk up a dozen stairs and knew I wanted somewhere that I could store my keys, and that would greet me kindly as I walked up to home. 

This little dresser has been in my life since I was a very little girl. It’s a CHEAP piece of furniture, but has been three or four different colors. I painted it Tick Tock from Amy Howards One Step Paint collection. And, MAN! Am I in love!! I then covered the drawers in Bonnie & Camille fabric (because I have wayyyy too much….). I always think of myself as a pink and green girl… You can see that in my Sweetpea logo! But, when I look at the items I’ve collected over the years, I’m a teal/turquoise girl through and through! 

My ONE thing about this piece: NOTHING GOES ON TOP. Except the little dish that holds my keys. Even that A bothers me sometimes. And the lamp looks cute, but it’s not plugged in! There is no outlet for it, so I just have it there for aesthetics. Creating a welcoming entry way starts with a clutter free zone. Especially in an apartment where space is minimal, having any extra clutter makes it feel even more small. And, no one want to feel like they are in the way, when you just have clutter around! 

This is my favorite part about my little ‘entry way’ — this Ikea UNG DRILL frame

Painting it red was a great decision — one I didn’t think I would ultimately L-O-V-E. I like having somewhere I can write memos to myself. Things I need to remember, fun quotes, etc. I used to do this on my vanity mirror — especially the night before I left for vacation. I would pack everything I could, and the remaining items would be added to my mirror, so I wouldn’t forget them — In order to create a “neutral background” and not the frame insert from Ikea (telling the name of it and the dimensions…), I crumpled up Anthropologie paper (You, know the packing paper they wrap all the nice things in?!) and put it inside the frame. Now, the background has some texture, but still plain when I leave myself notes.

There are a few keepsakes hanging on the wall to greet me as well. A hammered pineapple which screams WELCOME to me — a cross stitch from my mom’s house that says “There is no higher calling in life than raising the children God has trusted to our care.” our DEAR friend Sandy made this for my darling mama, and it brings me so much joy to see it everyday — and at the bottom, a handmade fabric Bella the Berner for my sweet Bella girl who is no longer with us. {And since you’ll ask, the white frame you see is a mirror, so I can check myself before dashing down the stairs and out the door!) 

I have loved sharing this TEENY little entry way into my apartment. Here’s a few tips on creating a welcoming entry way in an apartment:

  1. Keep it clutter free!
  2. Use things you love, and have on hand.
  3. Keep it tidy, too. Dust everything regularly and keep the mirror shining!


Do you have any tips for an entry way that helps welcome people into your home?? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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Creating a welcoming entry way for an apartment can be tricky. Here are some easy tips for using what you have to decorate a small entry!

Cheers, Sweet Friends to opening our homes and creating life around the table!


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