Italian Cheesy Bread

One of my favorite things to make, that I don’t often make, is lasagna. Using my family’s famous spaghetti bolognese sauce, whole milk ricotta, smoked mozzarella cheese, and an added touch of crushed red pepper flakes, it’s about the best.

here is petite preview!

I needed some type of bread to go with the lasagna, since that’s what normally accompanies Italian meals. I concocted a semi-olive cheese bread, like Pioneer Womans.

But, I hate olives. Despise them. So, I made my own version using Trader Joe’s Bruschetta Toppings, sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, capers, smoked mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese. Oh, and mayo. PW’s had it. And, looking at her ingredients and mine, that may be the only coinciding factor… Just do it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Italian Cheesy Bread

One French Bread Loaf – get the fatter one, not the skinny crunchy one
2 Tbs Trader Joe’s Bruschetta Topping, or make your own!
2 Tbs Minced Roasted Red Peppers
1 Tbs Sun Dried Tomatoes, coarsely chopped
1 Tbs Capers, coarsely chopped
1 cup shredded smoked mozzarella cheese
1 cup shredded Parmesan
1 cup light mayonnaise
Salt & Pepper to taste. Parmesan cheese is salty on it’s own, so not a lot is required.

Sliced your bread in half length wise, and place upside down (flat part down) on half sheet pan. Place in a 350˚ oven and let crisp while you mix other ingredients.

Combine all other ingredients in large bowl. You could do this the day before, so the mixture gets happy, happy, happy! Saving you time the day you are planning to serve. Think of this mixture as Italian Pimento Cheese. This spread would be great in a sandwich, baked to make a dip served with crackers, etc.

Once the bread is crispy on the bottom, take out of oven. Smear your Italian Pimento Cheese on the bread halves, being sure to add each halves fair share.

Place back in the oven for 15-20 minutes, depending on your oven, to melt the cheese. The last 2.5 minutes, turn your oven to broil. Help give the cheese that perfect look on top.

Let sit for a couple minutes before slicing.

This bread could be lunch on it’s own. Serve with a fresh salad, and you have a meal. But… The lasagna perfectly complements the entire meal.

Have any Italian meal accouterments you’d like to share??

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  1. This Italian cheesy bread looks so delicious. I haven’t tried Trader Joe’s bruschetta sauce, I’ll definitely pick some up next time I go there so I can try your recipe. #HomeMattersParty

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