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a simple link party spreadsheet to keep you organized and efficient for weekly link parties!

link party spreadsheet

Years ago, in the ‘good old days’ of blogging, link parties were a HOT ticket to page views… 


Now, most would say they aren’t worth it. Too much effort has goes into adding your submission to each party… Too much effort is needed to look up which party goes when, how many links you can add, linking back to the party, etc.


NOT ME! I LOVE a good link party! 


[Tweet “Over the years, I’ve compiled a spreadsheet that has over 60+ link parties.”]


Parties change all the time, so I do update my list frequently — but, it’s a great base for weekly parties. If you come across a party that is no longer happening, go ahead and delete so you don’t waste time!


link party spreadsheet


After using the link party spreadsheet for a while, I started tracking my page views from the previous week — reassuring myself that it’s worth it! {{It’s REALLY worth it when you are featured on parties!}} 


When visiting parties, I come across links that are YEARS old — which made me think, I need to start adding one new, one old link to each party (if applicable). So, I added my posts to my spreadsheet, so I could see which posts I added where. {Always be sure to check individual party guidelines…. these change from party to party, so keep yourself updated!} I like to keep my posts rolling through parties — definitely not adding the same three over and over. I’ll add my main post to each party, followed by at least one older post. When I say old, I mean old… Like circa 2011! 


Here a few more tips when participating in linky parties…

  1. Use GOOD photos. Here’s a helpful tutorial on better blog photos

  2. Follow the rules. 

  3. Leave a comment to the host(s).

  4. Comment and share other submissions!


It’s like the golden rule… Do unto others… If you want shares and comments, do it on others first, and they’ll follow suit!


One final tip: don’t worry so much about the timing. You no longer need to be the first submission. In fact, most of my “winner” posts have been when I submit later in the day. Spend 20 minutes each day adding your posts to parties, and commenting. No more than this!  




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I can’t wait to hear how this saves you time, and helps get you more pageviews! I would love to hear how you party each week; leave a comment below! 



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  1. I think Link parties are such a great way to connect with other bloggers. I love to see what everyone is doing. Your spreadsheet is a valuable resource to know when and where to go and link up. Thanks for sharing it at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

  2. I love link parties because of the great connections you make with other bloggers and you can check up on what others are doing in your niche. Your tips are so helpful and I keep my list in Excel too! #HomeMattersParty

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