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Low Carb Meal Planning

Low carb meal planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a simple menu, your plan comes together in no time.

Low carb meal prep couldn't be more simple -- these tips and tricks will see you through from start to finish.


Here we are almost to the end of February, and I’m STILL eating low carb (for the most part!). Woo hoo!!! Powersheets definitely help with keeping me accountable, as well as feeling better overall without sugar & extra junk. 


I’ll take you through how I plan my meals, along with my process of prepping meals for the week. I’m a single girl, just me… and I enjoy cooking, so meal prepping has never been a high priority. 

low carb meal prep

I’ve enjoyed bringing lunch to work, instead of skipping both breakfast and lunch. Then ending up super hungry at 3p and making poor choices. One other note, I don’t enjoy eating the same thing over and over — which is why meal prep isn’t that fun… But! I’ve created a system for myself that I’m really enjoying. Saturday I “shop and chop.” I use the same list that I keep on my phone — shop. Bring it all home, and chop everything that needs to be, put it in the fridge. I put my proteins in marinades and either place in the freezer or fridge, ready to go. At the end of this post, you can download my low carb meal planning shopping list + quick recipes I use over and over! Sunday evenings are my cook nights. 


Ready to get started?! Let’s do this…


low carb meal prepping


Start with a CLEAN and TIDY workspace in your kitchen. Take out all your chopped vegetables and dump right into a BIG bowl to get roasted. 


low carb meal prepping


Next, take your bottle of Olive Oil and pour some on. I usually do a few turns of the bowl. {I don’t measure… just some glugs…?} Followed by my super secret seasoning blend! {It’s in the free download at the end! I’m not that secretive of a person…}


Toss the veggies about until they are well coated. Dump onto two sheet pans, as to not crowd the pans. You want the veggies to have room to roast and not steam. 

low carb meal prepping


This is green beans, cauliflower, onions, squash, zucchini, bell pepper, broccolini, and garlic. WINNING combo! Roast these at 425˚ for 20-30 minutes. Half way through, give them a shimmy shimmy shake shake. They like that. {Need a refresh on Roasting Rules?!}


low carb meal prep

Next, we’re making kale chips. Which are my favorite — and rarely make it to Monday…. 

Try to control yourself after these come out of the oven. I know it’s difficult.


Here’s the part where you make your protein. I like roasting chicken and slicing over top the roasted veggies. I’ll top with different sauces to make it exciting later in the week. My favorite is this store bought Peanut Satay Sauce — YUM! 

low carb meal prepping


I like to leave two “blanks” so I can add whatever protein I’m making for suppers. Which is either steak or salmon. I’ll grill either for supper — and portion into my veggie containers before I eat supper. Easy peasy!


low carb meal prepping


Recently, I made some pork meatballs with riced cauliflower & chopped (frozen!) broccoli. It was yummy — definitely tasted healthy. If you know what I mean… ???

I’ll let all these cool before I add them to the fridge. 


Major Tip: CLEAN AS YOU GO. Seriously. I use the same large bowl, over and over. When I’m finished using an item or utensil, I immediately put it in the dishwasher. Keep your station tidy as you work, too. Have a cloth or paper towel handy, so when you spill, you can wipe it up right away. 


Once your meal prepping is complete, wipe down your counters and stove top, and start your dishwasher! Also, make it easy on yourself and either order takeout, or go out to eat on the nights you do this. Low carb meal planning and prepping is a lot of work!


Save this to your favorite low carb or meal planning board!


low carb meal planning and prep ideas


What meal planning/prep tips do you have for me?! I would love to hear in the comments below!


Don’t forget to grab your FREE download below! Your shopping list + meal plan + secret recipes are waiting for you!



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