The Gracious Goodness Podcast!

Y’all! My dear, dear friend Lizanne had me on her The Gracious Goodness podcast this week, and I want you to listen in!

The Gracious Goodness Podcast with Sweetpea Lifestyle


Lizanne and I go way back — her dear husband and I grew up together, and I am so thankful we are so close! She is one of my favorite people — she’s my “blog avatar” — and I just know y’all will love her too! We talk about hospitality, about blogging, about speaking in your own voice, and about letting go of perfectionism. In a chaotic world of Instagram and Pinterest, we need to be reminded that we all have a voice to be heard with a community surrounding you.

Just go ahead and click on over to the podcast and hit that subscribe button…. You will enjoy it!! And maybe learn a thing or two. 




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