Caesar Wedge Salad

Caesar Wedge Salad is everything you love about a caesar salad but in a wedge salad! A simple homemade dressing and croutons are the star of the salad.

Caesar Wedge Salad For a Crowd

Caesar Wedge Salad is about the best thing, ever.

I love love love love love a caesar salad…

And I love love love love a wedge salad…

Can you tell?! I’m doing an entire summer series on wedge salads…

Caesar Salad Made into a Wedge Salad

Caesar Wedge Salad is that salad recipe you need to serve when you want to wow your people, but don’t want to put in a lot of effort.

Every component can be made ahead of time, just hanging out until you’re ready to assemble and serve!

And! There is a myriad of ways you can zhuzh this up.

Simple Caesar Salad for a Crowd

How to Make Caesar Wedge Salad

Let’s chat about our lettuce options. 

For this salad recipe, I’m using Romaine Lettuce — but, you could use any lettuce you have on hand.

Iceberg would be super crunch and crisp.

A stack of butter lettuce leaves would be undeniably tender and soft.

romaine lettuce wedge

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Slice the very tip stem off of your lettuce — but, don’t cut through the stem. This will help hold the wedges together for serving.

Cut the romaine head into wedges — I decided to use one head of romaine, and cut it into four little wedges.

Using a sharp chef’s knife, just slice lengthwise along the romaine head.

I cut it in half, and then each half into halves, leaving you with four quarters. 

Set those lettuce quarters in the fridge — for maximum crispy, crunchiness, you want to keep them cold as long as possible.

Now, let’s work on the dressing:

caesar dressing in a bowl

This is a super super quick homemade caesar dressing — it is NOT traditional at all, so don’t @ me… ?

Caesar Dressing Ingredients:

  • Dijon Mustard
  • Mayo
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Lemon Juice
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Garlic Powder

Mix all of these together until combined, tasting to see if you need to adjust anything. For me, I wanted more lemon juice, so I squeezed more in.

Next, we’ll make the croutons:

homemade croutons

On a sheet pan, add slices of a french baguette and brush with oil using a silicone basting brush

Broil in the oven for a couple of minutes, watching every second as not to burn them.

Let’s assemble the salad now…

squeezing lemon over romaine lettuce

When you have a salad that is *that* good, usually, they’ve done a couple of extra steps to really flavor everything well.

I’ve started ‘dressing’ my lettuce before I actually dress it…

Using a lemon slice, I’ll squeeze the lemon overtop all the lettuce, and get it all over the leaves.

If it’s not a wedge salad, I would then toss it around to make sure each leaf is coated well.

salt and peppered romaine leaves

Next, I’ll give the lettuce a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Wedge Caesar Salad

Now, top with the croutons, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Homemade Caesar dressing

Gather up a heaping spoonful of dressing, and drizzle it across all the leaves.

Drizzling Caesar Dressing on Salad

This is definitely something you could do at the table for a big WOW factor!

Homemade Caesar Salad

Now, each person can grab their own wedge + croutons, and then if they’d like extra dressing they can do that themselves.

Cut up caesar wedge salad

The real star of the show is the croutons though… I’m telling you, you’ll want to make extras!

Crunchy Crouton for Salad

What else can you serve with this?

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  1. This wedge salad was so delicious! I made mine with the grilled chicken and it was the perfect summer plate.

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