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Bloggers Favorite Biscuit Recipes

Ever wondered what bloggers favorite biscuit recipes are??
Here’s a roundup of TONS of biscuits, ways to use biscuits, and how to eat them!

Molly Baz Biscuits

The BEST Homemade Biscuits, Ever.

If you’ve ever wanted to make or struggled to make flaky biscuits, today is your day!

The best homemade biscuits start with a few ingredients:

  1. Dry Ingredients (baking powder AND baking soda, sugar, salt, and flour)
  2. Cold Butter
  3. Buttermilk

Kitchen Tools You’ll Need:

Pro-Tips for making the best biscuits:

  1. Your butter and milk need to be VERY cold. ((I like to grate my butter, and freeze on a sheet of parchment paper.))
  2. Your hands are the best tool.
  3. Snap your butter into your flour. Even though it’s been grated, you still want to “snap” your fingers in the flour and butter to combine really well.
  4. The four stack layering trick if how you’ll end up with flaky layers.
    1. Roll your dough out 1” thick.
    2. Cut into four.
    3. Stack the four pieces.
    4. Smoosh down with your hands and press out into 1/2” thick rectangle.
  5. Cut your biscuits by going down and up — DO NOT TWIST.
  6. Biscuits need friends to help them rise. They need the other biscuits to help lift them up. When you put them on your sheet pan or skillet, make sure they’re touching.

making layered biscuits

There are lots and lots and lots of biscuit recipes on the internet…

I asked my blogging friends to share their favorite ways to make biscuits, and here they are!

Bloggers Favorite Biscuit Recipes

Ever needed a biscuit recipe?? Here are 48 biscuit recipes or recipes using biscuits from all your favorite food bloggers!

Which recipe are you going to try first?!

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Bloggers Favorite Biscuit Recipes

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