5 Essential Party Plannings Tips

Essential party tips for anyone hosting an event.

Planning a party is stressful!! But, these five essential party tips will help keep you calm, cool, and collected. YOU should be enjoying your party as much as your guests are, not anxiously thinking about things over and over. 

easy biscuit bar
This easy biscuit bar is the easiest
  1. Plan ahead, then plan a little more

  2. Use what you have

  3. Delegate

  4. KISS — Keep It Simple, Sister

  5. Label

Plan ahead, then plan a little more — 

It sound redundant, and it may feel redundant, but those copious list making skills really come in handy when planning a party. The Game Plan worksheet found in my resource library are immensely helpful in getting those lists on lists into one sheet of paper. Keeping it all contained, nice and tidy. 

Use What You Have —

Shop your home for anything and everything — need some table decorations?? Find some books and stack them a few high on the table, drape pearls and candles on top, followed by a few simple one color flowers perched on top. I love using everyday dinner glass, filling them with wildflowers, and clustering all together. Makes a big statement, without a lot of fuss!

Delegate — 

Ask your guests to bring something with them. You can even ask them to bring a specific recipe or item. 

KISS | Keep it Simple, Sister —

No one has more fun when you go over the top, and out do it all… Seriously! Pick one main thing to focus on, and go with it. Whether that’s the menu, or the decor, pick one and do it well. That doesn’t mean you can’t do both well! In Hospitality Handbook, you learn how to make a meal and set a table that will wow your people, all while you get to enjoy your party!

Label —

Post It Notes have no idea who I am, but I use their products for every single function I host. Label everything!!! The day before, gather your serving pieces and label them with sticky notes — not only will this save you time when you are busy wondering where that big white platter got to — if you have some guests who arrive early, you can put them to work. They can read the labels, and find them item. If you’re hosting a buffet cocktail party, be sure to place a stick note where you want that specific platter to go. 

And! I have a FREE printable for you in my resource library! Just add your name and email to my list, and you’ll receive the password to the 5 Essential Party Tips that you can print out and save, forever and ever, amen! 

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