Holiday Prep Tips

holiday prep tips

The holidays can be extremely stressful!! Use these 8 tips to get yourself prepped and ready for the holiday season! You could skip this whole post, and just hop into the resource library… The FREE printable is there, with all 8 tips, ready to print and get you started.


8 Tips for Preparing for the Holiday Season

  1. Get the clutter OUT
  2. Fluff guest rooms
  3. Stock your pantry
  4. Prep gift wrapping station
  5. Schedule maintenance
  6. Purchase ahead of time
  7. Make your list & check it twice
  8. Set a budget

holiday prep tips

Get the Clutter Out

This is the MOST helpful tip in the entire list….. When you remove the cluttery items now, your home won’t feel so full once you start stocking it full with all the holiday goodies. Sometimes during this super festive season, it feels like the house is going to explode because there is so much extra stuff! Go ahead and make a run (or four!) to the thrift store and donate it all. Just get it out! 

Fluff the Guest Rooms

You never know when someone may stay over… Go ahead and put on some festive sheets, add towels, extra chargers, water bottles, etc to the room. Get it out of the way, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about. And! If the room is ‘made up’ you’ll be less likely to throw things in it, or use it as a staging area…

Stock Your Pantry

Start now and stock your pantry with lots of jams and preserves, crackers, soup stocks, noodles, rice, canned beans, pickled items, etc. Have it all there, so you have something to go to when last minute peeps show up! {Make sure you’re on my email list, I’ll be sharing some easy no cook appetizers in the next few Friday emails!}

Prep a Gift Wrapping Station

Premature?? I don’t think so…. Once you’ve purchased a gift, and you know you are settled, go ahead and WRAP IT UP! Add a label, do it all, right then and there! My mother is notorious for staying up until 3am wrapping presents. <—- This is no way to enjoy the season!! Make a goal to have your shopping done by December 1, then everything wrapped by the 7th! That way, you can REALLY enjoy the season, knowing you are prepped and ready! 

Schedule Maintenance

Make your appointments TODAY! You never know their schedule, so go ahead and make appointments to have all your major appliances glanced over. You do NOT want a toilet or washing machine going array when you have a house full of people… YIKES!

Purchase Ahead of Time

Go ahead and buy all the stocking stuffers, and knick knacks you can ahead of time! Keep them in a LABELED box, ready to go when you are. {can y’all tell what a planner I am?!}

Make Your List & Check it Twice

Santa was right! Use my game plan {in the resource library!} and make your list for Thanksgiving. Check over it again when it’s mid-November. Just do it, okay?! Make me real proud. 

Set a Budget

I put this last, since it’s kind of the least fun… I am NOT a fan of budgets… But! We all need to be realistic during the holidays! And, if you plan your spending over the next couple months, you’ll be able to stick to your budget and not take such a hit in December. 

holiday prep tips

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holiday prep tips for the christmas season



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