HGG: for the Home Cook Who Has Everything!

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Here is a Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Cook Who Has Everything! Practical gift ideas that they will love to use!

gift guide for the home cook who has everything

We all know those people who have everything, and they’re difficult to buy for. Here is a handy Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Cook Who Has Everything! It’s several practical items they may already own, but would love to own more of. If they don’t have it, then yay you!

2019 Gift Guide:

rezip reusable silicone bags

rezip Reusable Silicone bags

I have just loved these reusable silicone bags. They act just like a traditional zip-top bag, but without the plastic! They’re reusable over and over, and wash up great. I use them to carry cut up veggies for work lunches, store extra nuts and seeds, just like I would any zip-top baggie.

I love that there is no waste and no plastic! 

macaron making kit

Macaron Making Kit

Most home cooks are fairly adventurous. Why not gift this fun Macaron Making Kit to your friend, and see what they can come up with! 

Maybe you’ll even benefit by being a taste-tester?!

ember mug ember mug gift guide

















Ember Mug

This is by far the most fun gift I ‘gave’ myself this year.

I am a tea drinker, but a slow tea drinker.

And, while I love a beautiful china cup, this Bluetooth enabled mug has changed my life!

Dramatic, I know… But, going to sip my cuppa over and over and always having it at my perfect temperature of 132˚ is sheer magic.

I can walk away to a meeting, come back and it’s piping hot.

Ember mugs have a tea timer, so I never forget that I left the tea bag in the mug.

It also pairs with my Apple Watch and tells me when the perfect temperature has been reached.

Ember mugs are amazing, and everyone should own one! Especially moms! 😉

tasty one top for gift guide

Tasty One Top

This is another fun product I own and LOVE.

It’s an induction cooktop that is Bluetooth enabled, and just utterly delightful. 

I purchased this, thinking I would make ‘hands in the pan’ style videos – but, not so much, y’all!

Instead, I use it in my baby kitchen to create delicious meals for myself. 

It is so smart, and helpful, and I’ve loved it for over a year!

mccormick tasty seasonings

Tasty McCormick Seasoning Pack

I’m always a fan of spice blends. The folks at Tasty paired up with the friends at McCormick and created spice blends that are sure to create unforgettable meals. 

Just sprinkle these on your recipe, and cook it up!

The beauty of owning spice blends is not having to own all the spices that go into spice blends. One jar = tons of other jars! Yay!

boos board cream

Boos Block Board Cream

If you know your home cook, they probably have a couple of go-to boards for making delicious cheese or charcuterie boards. They will definitely need a practical gift like this board cream!

for the home cook who has everything

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