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The Best Prime Rib Side Dishes to Serve with Dinner

Prime Rib Side Dishes are a must-make for the holiday season! If you’re hosting any of the major special occasions, pair your main course with any of these delicious side recipes!

prime rib side dishes

​Are you hosting Christmas Dinner and not sure what to serve with your standing rib roast?

You will love this post if you’re searching for the perfect side dish to go with your holiday dinner. 

The classic recipes are Yorkshire pudding, twice-baked potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, and horseradish sauce! But, check out the recipes below and find some of the best sides on the web!

Your dinner party will be a full holiday feast, people will remember for years to come!

Most Popular Sides:

Creamd Spinach for Prime RIb Side Dish

Steak House Creamed Spinach — The classic restaurant menu item comes to life in your own home with its velvety texture and incredible taste. The rich sauce is perfect for your prime rib dinner anytime, but especially at the holiday meal. It’s one of the best side dishes you can serve with a prime rib roast! It’s iconic! The creamy greens, a bite of prime rib, and mashed potatoes are a pretty dang perfect bite!

garlic butter green beans with parmesan

Garlic Butter Green Beans with Parmesan Cheese — deliciously simple green beans are sauteed with garlic, and then fresh aged parmesan cheese is shaved overtop on the platter. This is the perfect dish that everyone loves! 

fuffy dinner rolls for prime rib dinner

Fluffy Dinner Rolls — no juicy prime rib dinner is complete with copious amounts of fluffy dinner rolls! You’ll need these to mop up the gravy from the roast beef! Plus, your home will have the added benefit of the smell of fresh, homemade bread baking. The best way to get people REALLY excited about a meal!

twice baked potatoes

​Twice Baked Potatoes — the overstuffed, twice baked potatoes are the recipe you need on your holiday table! Nothing says steak dinner more than a twice baked potato on your plate!

creamy mashed potatoes for a prime rib side dish

Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes — these ultra-creamy potatoes are what I serve at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And they are decadently creamy, with all the cream cheese, sour cream, butter, and a tinge of mayonnaise your heart can want! these creamy mashed potatoes are one of THE potato recipes you’ve got to serve with your perfect prime rib.

cinnamon brown sugar mashed sweet potatoes

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Mashed Sweet Potatoes — I love a good sweet potato with a steak dinner. You’ll often find sweet potato casserole or souffle on the menu at the fancy steakhouses. For a simple side dish that really enhances the main dish, these creamy sweet potatoes are the way to go!

oven roasted brussel sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe — is it even a steakhouse dinner without brussels sprouts?! These brussel sprouts are roasted to golden brown perfection!

​Delicious Side Dishes for your Prime Rib Meal

Let’s move on to some more decadent, fancy side dishes that will have your dinner table going wild!

fondant potatoes recipe

Fondant Potatoes — these look super fancy, they taste super fancy, but are the most comforting dish. The potatoes are “whittled” down to a circular shape, then fried until golden brown on both sides in a pan. Lots of butter and garlic are added and baked with the potatoes. It’s the perfect pairing you didn’t know you needed. 

asparagus puff pastry tarts

Asparagus Puff Pastry Tart with Horseradish Cream — Talk about a decadent side dish!!! Asparagus is baked into puff pastry with a spicy horseradish cream sauce to make a special dish that pairs well with the prime rib. 

Garlic herb mushrooms prime rib side dish

Garlic Herb Mushrooms — Y’all, these garlic butter mushrooms are about as decadent as you can get! The herby, garlicky mushrooms plus a slice of prime ribs, and dip into the mashed potatoes equals the perfect bite! Filled with flavor, these mushrooms are cooked in Cowboy Butter, which is a herby butter that is one of the best recipes! Top your beef with these mushrooms, or serve on the side. 

easy peppercorn sauce for prime rib dinner

Peppercorn Sauce — every beef recipe needs a gravy that is a creamy sauce with rich flavor. This peppercorn sauce is filled with garlic, shallots, cream, and brandy. It’s a delicious sauce perfect for any kind of steak, but especially a hefty slice of prime rib. It pairs well with creamy potatoes or green beans, too!

blue cheese mashed potatoes

Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes — Yes, please!! Mashed potatoes with tangy blue cheese mixed in?! It’s the perfect accompaniment with prime rib dinner (or any other hefty meat dish!). 

gratin dauphinois

Gratin Dauphinois — This French-style potato dish is a layered potato dish that bakes with milk and garlic until golden brown perfection. It’s a Julie Child favorite, and a simple recipe to try!

cheese and herb potato gratin

Cheese and Herb Potato Gratin — I love potatoes au gratin. And this layered potato dish is spectacular! It uses both sweet potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes, along with lots of cheese and herbs. Yum!!

Favorite Prime Rib Side Dishes

Now, let’s chat about the favorite side dishes that are a good idea to serve with your beef.

green bean casserole

Green Bean Casserole is an easy side dish that every holiday needs. It’s one of those green bean recipes that everyone likes. You can make it ahead of time using this post on How to Freeze Green Bean Casserole.

wedge salad for a crowd for a prime rib side dish

Wedge Salad for a Crowd is the salad platter recipe you’ll want to serve with your dinner. It’s a great way to serve a salad, too! Just lay all the pieces out, and either drizzle the dressing overtop or serve it on the side. This recipe is an absolute showstopper! Filled with simple ingredients, yet presented in a lovely way. You can find all the ingredients at the grocery store, and create your own flavor profiles with whatever you love most! If you love feta cheese, add feta to your wedge salad. 

jalapeno popper hashbrown casserole

Jalapeno Popper Hashbrown Casserole — What a recipe, y’all! If you need an easy casserole that packs a flavor punch, this is it! All the components of your jalapeno poppers like crispy bacon, cream cheese, and spicy jalapenos mixed into the usual suspects of hashbrown casserole. This recipe pairs great with a smoked prime rib recipe, too!

instant pot asparagus risotto

Creamy Instant Pot Asparagus Risotto — This is one of those easy instant pot recipes that are the perfect way to get the iconic risotto on your table, without the hassle of stirring and stirring! It has all the same ingredients as the usual labor-intensive risotto, white wine, butter, arborio rice, parmesan cheese, etc. But, you’ll love this recipe because it takes the hassle out of it! Yay! 

the best roasted asparagus

The Best Roasted Asparagus — This delicious dish is one of the favorite pairings that let prime rib shine! Olive oil, lemon zest, and lemon juice, plus kosher salt and pepper. The best part of this recipe is that you can serve these at room temperature, or warm them up in a roasting pan just before serving. It’s one of the perfect side dishes you shouldn’t forget!

Final Thoughts

All of these delicious sides are amazing, and whatever you choose, your menu will be sublime!

If you need some menu planning tips here is my advice:

Don’t do the entire meal yourself. If you’re having people over, ask them to bring something. You can even send them a recipe from above, or ask them to choose a category.

If you do choose to make everything yourself, choose items you can make ahead of time, then reheat on the day of. And, reheat at the same oven temperature! Choose recipes that all bake at 350 degrees f, and you’ll be on your way to a dinner packed with perfection!

For the main event, keep a Game Plan handy with your timeline of when you need to take things out of the oven, etc. Using this method helps ensure a flawless dinner party, that will give you the best results!

Just remember, people don’t have more fun if you’re constantly doing something. Be sure to sit down, and presently enjoy your meal! Plus, you deserve the center of the roast, with all the fixings! 

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Prime Rib Side Dishes

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