4 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving

4 ways to simply survive Thanksgiving when you are the host!

easy ways to survive thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving!  Hands down one of my favorite holidays. It’s all about the food, the family and friends gathered around the table, and the table setting. 

Most of Thanksgiving is wonderful, but that one hour where everyone is arriving, people are bringing things you didn’t ask them to bring, everyone wants your attention, and you’re too busy whisking gravy like a mad woman?!? Been there. Every single year, y’all! Seriously! It’s just how it goes! 

So, I’ve created a few plans to help myself stay calm, and excited for the day. I’ve even made them into a printable for you, just in case you can remember…. 😉 This is in my resource library. If you haven’t joined, just scroll to the bottom and add your name and email address. You’ll gain access to the password, and will be on your way to free printables galore! 

how to survive thanksgiving

4 Survival Tips

  1. Planning ahead will help you create balance for yourself. When you use my Thanksgiving Game Plan {launching next week! Make sure you’re on that email list so you don’t miss out!}, I’ve built in “chill time” where you can go sit and chat with family, or just go hide somewhere for a hot second. {{I always need a minute by myself, to regroup and get it together.}}
  2. Go with the Flow — definitely something that needs to happen, even though you’ve planned and planned…. Just know everything will not go according to your plan, and to let those small things that come up not stop you from having a great day! 
  3. Keep with Tradition — each year I try to pull a fast one and include something different… Yet, it never stays. The same traditional recipes are made, eaten, and loved. Do yourself a favor, and keep it the same. {{The girl who doesn’t eat leftovers or the same thing twice in one week is telling you this!!} It’s ONE meal a year. If you have a fancy, fun new dish you’d like to try, why not make it the day after, or during that week leading up to Thursday. Thanksgiving day is not the day to make a new recipe that you’ve never tried before. 😉
  4. Drink up — Yep! I’m telling you! It’s good to have that little buzz going. Especially when all the people start flooding in the door, and putting things out you didn’t ask them to bring… <—- This always happens, it just does. It’s okay, friends. 

holiday prep tips

How do you practice “surviving” Thanksgiving?? Or any other holiday for that matter?!

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