2016 Gift Idea!

*this post is sponsored by SleepSwag and does contain affiliate links*

Need gift ideas for the holidays that are quickly approaching?!

Give the gift of good sleep and REST!

Seriously, who doesn’t need the gift of REST!?

Here are some ideas for anyone who needs better sleep!!!

These are items that I cannot live without. And, yes,  I’m being #firstworldproblems right now. All these items travel with me. Even the fan. I’m THAT girl…!

Starting in the top left corner —- Dohm Sound Machines. A MUST HAVE for any and every human, dog, cat, living, breathing thing that sleeps. The perfect white noise that drowns out noisy neighbors, thunder and lightening, and dryer balls in the dryer.

SleepSwag — whoa, baby! Are these an eye mask game changer! Fun, vibrant colors of silk, that fit perfectly on your face. Shielding light with added padding around your under eyes. These masks are incredible. These help you sleep better naturally. Your body learns that when you put your SleepSwag mask on, it’s shut down time! Shop for one HERE, and see how many *cute* colors and patterns they have! 
I’m going to skip over the Young Living Essential Oils & Diffuser... I’ll get to those next week, where I’ll show you a fantastic DIY! 
Comphy Sheets —– Oh Me Oh My! These are the best sheets, ever.  
Just read this study….. 
A fan. Moving air is a must for any southern belle. This exact fan travels with me, everywhere. 

Any of these would make a great Christmas gift for your person! Next week, I’ll show you a great DIY “Slumber Spray” that conveniently fits into a mason jar, along WITH a SleepSwag Eye Mask! SUCH a great gift to stock up on, and give for hostess, shower, or birthday gifts!

Here’s a handy pin you can save to your boards for easy access!

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