Quick & Easy Dresser Makeover

This quick & easy dresser makeover will update any space in no time!

dresser makeover with chalk paint and fabric


I love making something over — a room, a piece of furniture, a person… 😉


This little dresser has been in my world for as long as I can remember… It sat in our nursery as babies, then in our bathroom as children. It’s been a bedside table, it’s been coral, pink, white, and now teal. It’s a flimsy little dresser — the drawers are starting to come apart from 30+ years of use — but, it is well-loved, and has so much character.



So, I got my jar of Amy Howard One Step Paint in Tick Tock {That I picked up from Ace Hardware!} and painted the dresser — then, took the floral fabric off and added an updated Bonnie & Camille Fabric print to the front of the drawers. I’ll show you how this quick & easy dresser makeover updated my entry way.


Once the dresser was completely dry from the paint (I waited a couple days… although One Step Paint is dry within an hour!) I took the drawers out. The floral fabric was adhered using everyday craft glue, so all it took was a quick squeeze of water from a squirt bottle, and the fabric pulled right off. 



Next, you’ll run some craft glue around the face of the drawer — then, wetting a sponge brush, you’ll spread the glue all over, including the sides/lip of the face of the drawer.



Once the glue is smoothed around, place your fabric directly on top, and smooth out. 



Pull the fabric taut to each edge, and “miter” each corner. I like to use my damp brush with glue to reinforce the edges. Making sure they stay on well.


easy dresser makover

Let the drawers dry, and add back to your dresser! I used crystal drawer pulls from Etsy, but anything you have on hand (that matches!) will work!


This looked cute — but, I needed to do something with the Ikea frame I purchased years ago….


easy dresser makeover


Nothing like a can of $4 spray paint to update this adorable frame! Now, I’m using it as a memo board.


easy dresser makover


Here’s my “entry” — my apartment is upstairs, so this is what I walk up to… 


entry way dresser makeover


Pretty cute, huh??! Be sure to save this to your favorite DIY board on Pinterest!


Happy Tuesday, Sweet Friends!

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  1. Love the new look for both the dresser and frame! Color can make such a difference. Thanks for linking up at the Ultimate Pinterest Party last week – I loved your pin and will be featuring it Friday in the new party! Can’t wait to see what you link up this week!

    1. Thank you, Ali!! Woo hoo!! Yes! Color makes all the difference! Thanks for the pin, and the feature!

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