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powersheets launch 2018

Whenever I type ‘accessories’ all I can think of is American Girl Dolls, and circling ALL THE THINGS inside the catalog… Did y’all ever do that?! I mean the dolls were great, but you had to have all the accessories to *actually* play..!

With Powersheets, the accessories are fun, but not necessary.

All you need is the goal oriented workbook, and a writing utensil. The stickers, pens, and tending tape are just fluff. Pens won’t help you reach your goals faster. Stickers won’t help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in 2019. They *may* motivate and excite you to work SMARTer, but you still have to do the work. 😉 

One of the MOST exciting things for 2019 Powersheets is the addition of REAL Wild Card Pages. They had these last year, and you could download and print them whenever you needed them. I am so so SO pumped for precut, ready to ‘tenderly’ tape into my months. These were incredibly helpful this past year, and I love being able to use them. 

My first three years I used pencil in my powersheets… So afraid to make a mistake, wanted it perfect in every way. A pen meant commitment. And we all know millennials are NOT into commitment..! A couple years ago I used multicolored Papermate Flair pens, color coding every goal. This past year, for 2018, I used a black Micron 08 pen that I have just LOVED. Occasionally, I would use colored pens to add an important reminder, or to circle, box, maybe strike through something. 

As you can see, my powersheets tend to lean very heavy on the business/blog side…. Next year, my goal is to share with you those goals each month and cultivate TOGETHER! One of the biggest parts of doing powersheets is finding your people “in” them. That can be in real life, or online! Just find your person, people, group, tribe, and keep each other motivated.

Tomorrow I’ll share how I create a Powersheets Tribe Prep Party! I’ll walk you through how to create a tribe for yourself, and how much this process aids in cultivating goals. 


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