DIY Gift Ideas!

Here we are, friends. December.

That wonderful time of year, when everyone is rather chipper, sparkles are in the air, and twinkly lights follow you wherever you go.

Gift giving is definitely my love language. I absolutely adore giving gifts. I love handmade gifts even more!

Here is a quick idea you and your children can do. It does take a bit of time – and involves the stove top. So, if you want to make this while your kiddos are in bed, go for it!

These chocolate covered pretzels are sure to please. Covered in dark chocolate with Christmas colored sprinkles adorning each salty pretzel, it satisfies the “sweet & salty” lover.

Melt your chocolate over a double boiler – I use a glass bowl over top one of my pots. Be sure to use melting chocolate – this has added oils to help it set up and stick to your pretzels. I laid my freshly coated pretzels on a piece of wax paper. Garnish with sprinkles, or whatever extra you may like! These take about 5 minutes to set up. Easy-Peasy, huh?!

Now, comes the fun part…

Packaging these bundles of joy!

I used my new washi tape collection from Martha Stewart at Joann. Added the tape to the tags, and the top of the mason jar.

See, crafting isn’t really hard…

Oh, and that adorable French Fry box?? Came from Pick Your Plum.

What baked goods do you make for friends during this season???

Cheer, Dear Ones!

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