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Planners + Powersheets

Planners and Powersheets go hand in hand.

Learn how to make the most out of each, and how to use them together efficiently!


?   Happy Valentine’s Day, Y’all! It’s my favorite day of the year!  ?



I have talked over and over about my planners and about Powersheets. They are my lifeline. Or, my life book. 


Today, I want to give you a peek inside, and show you how I use both.


Cultivate good goals with planners and powersheets


These two items were made for each other! Seriously! I’m not sure if Tonya and Lara know each other, but they really should.


Let’s start with Powersheets… at the end/beginning of each month, I open my powersheets to the upcoming month, and follow the prompts.


Powersheets help you discover good goals and cultivate them into your life


The pages before these seen above have you go over what you are excited for this month, what you have planned, and what’s important. You also choose a word or phrase for your month, correlating to your word of the year, or not… Just something that has been on your mind the previous month. The following couple of pages have you journal about what’s on your mind, what you need to let go of and get on paper. Next, you come to the Brainstorm and Tending List pages like you see above. This is where magical things happen. You sort out your monthly, weekly, and daily goals according to what your brain stormed. I usually know what I am going to add into my Tending List, so a lot of times, I’ll create a list in this section to help dive deeper into each action.


Now, I move these items over to my Inkwell Press planner.


An agenda is a top priority when creating an efficient life


I have filled in my “hive” according to what I wrote in my Powersheets. While not seen here, some months I add in more “to-do list” type items… Since, this is where I like to check off my to-do lists. A lot of people ask why Powersheets is not a planner — and it’s two fold: 1. Your agenda has everything else in it. Do you really want to clutter your goals & motivation with doctors appointments and birthday parties? 2. Powersheets give you the prompts your mind needs to help you diligently proceed to your goals. Using an agenda helps facilitate that, it’s part of the process, but not the whole.


Here’s my blog planner, using the Office Depot Monthly Inkwell Press version:

A blog planner is essential to staying on top of your business and helping you thrive


This hive has more blog related to-dos. And, some of the same daily habits. PS… I am *really* liking this daily habit tracker — and I’m hoping they add it to the Flex planners for 2018! Having a separate blog planner is helpful so I can keep track of business specific goals, to dos, etc. I will occasionally add in blogging items to my master agenda, but not usually. I have 5 schedules to keep up with, and adding one more wasn’t helping….


Speaking of daily habits — these are the same in both my planners and Powersheets. Why?? I choose “activities” that I want to make my routine, my habits. And these need to be the same across all my boards, otherwise there is too much happening! And, I give up.


From here, I fill in my monthly views for both my blog and agenda planners.


Cultivate goals within your agenda, along with powersheets


Keep up with progress of your goals within your daily agenda


Inside my agenda, I use my stickers and blocks for keeping up with habits, etc.


Planners and powersheets go hand in hand and work together to create an efficient life system


This is once again, keeping me accountable with those daily goals. <—- Powersheets is all about the accountability!


I love how each of these products correlates to one another — I am so excited to see what I accomplish this year with more structure in my day! It is so helpful to see progress, and marking each section of my Tending List inspires me to keep pressing on towards my goals. 


Save this Pinterest graphic and equip yourself with the BEST to keep your goals going!

Planners & powersheets help you make it work, so you can get it done.


How do you keep your accountable?? Do you use Powersheets or a planner??

If so, I would love to hear how you use them — any tips for me?!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! Love your people, well.





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  1. Is it bad that it’s February- the middle of- and I still don’t have a planner?! Mine runs out in June- I got the student version, so I have a bit of leeway here, but I just can’t find one I love- checking this out now because it looks fantastic- Do the powersheets just pop into the planner- like sit on-top- they don’t totally clip in, right?

    1. So, Powersheets are not a planner… I just use them in conjunction WITH my planners! This year though, the “Tending List” is perforated, so I can tear it out and “clip” it into my planner. However, I just leave it out on my desk, open to the list.

  2. This is a great post! I was wondering where you got the cover for your powersheets! Thank yoU!

    1. This is a Happy Planner cover they sell at Michaels! Be sure to use a 50% off coupon!! I’ve loved using it — makes it so bright and happy. And! Added structure, so when I’m on the go, i can do them anywhere.

  3. I’m a powersheet lover too! And currently I use a bullet journal as a planner. Though the Inkwell planners look so lovely ? I enjoyed reading this post. I came here from your email and your blog is very bright and encouraging! ?

    1. Thanks for hopping over, Bella!! This means so much — I was so nervous to send that email out! You made my day!! I love Bullet Journaling — I do that with projects, books I’m reading, movies, and restaurants.

  4. Thanks for this! 2018 is the 1stt year I’ve used the InkWell planer. Love the colors and paper, but just couldn’t make the “hive” work. So I bought an Erin Condren on sale. It’s good to see how you have utilized the InkWell planner. Thank you!

    1. Yes!! I actually just ordered a Plum Paper planner — I have used theirs in the past (many, many years ago!)… But, I love that you can now add extras like a blog planner & social media planner into the agenda. I’ll be sure and write a post on that! I’m not sure I will miss my hive or not! 😉

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