Begin Your Year Well.

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begin your year well

Welcome, 2018. We’re all glad you’re here.


The last week of December I spent doing my Powersheets Prep Work. And, I came up with some great goals for 2018! 


If you aren’t familiar with Powersheets, here’s snippet from their website: cultivatewhatmatters.com

I’ve been using this neat product for four years now, and I cannot tell you how much I have loved it. 


Now, I have a tribe of women who meet monthly to go over our tending lists, and set intentional goals with one another. We help each other talk through things that stand in our way, things that might clutter our thoughts, and encourage one another to be the best, with what we have.


We gathered to do our prep work together, something we’d never done before. And, we had a BLAST! 

begin your year well powersheets prep party

These are the essentials to make this a fun process — paints, pens, pencils, colors, stickers, etc. We had candy and snacks and beverages to keep us going, too. 

powersheets prep party begin your year well


We each loved getting to talk through questions — hear others answers, and ruminate with one another on this new year! 


Coming with 10 goals can be intimidating. I broke it down into personal and business — 5 personal, and 5 business.


powersheets begin your year well

I haven’t attempted my January Tending List yet. I’m still going back and forth on my prep work! 😉 


When working on the prep work, certain words are used over and over. Each year, they’re different…. Last year, I wrote purpose over and over. But, this year, I wrote “lean in” and “mundane” over and over. So, while MUNDANE isn’t a pretty word — it’s a word that I think will serve me well this year. 


powersheets word of the year begin your year well


With little steps, of doing the redundant over and over, in the mundane, progress will be made. This is a rather vain example, but here it is….


2017, I got on the Korean Skincare train. And, while the whole routine takes almost an hour each night, I can see a HUGE difference in my skin, my wrinkles, etc. The same process over and over, morning and night after night paid off! This helped me come up with MUNDANE, and realize that YES! The little things add up! Sometimes quickly. 😉


What are your goals for the new year?? Have you chosen your word of the year, yet?? I would love to hear in the comments! Cultivate has the undated, six month sets in stock currently — so snag one quickly!



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  1. I love that you are using the word Mundane. You are right, doing the same thing every day may be mundane but it gets you to the finish line of your goals in the loan run. I don’t have a word for this year so I am tempted to borrow yours. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Go for it! Another friend of mine chose the word Steadfast — same concept, “nicer” word. But, I was really into staying away from the pretty words…. That’s just not life! 😉 Thanks for the kind comment, Donna!

    1. I started doing the whole word of the year thing a few years ago — when they added it to powersheets. It is an awesome focal point, when remembering the big picture!! Thanks for your kind comments, Nicole!

  2. Always more fun to do stuff like that with friends. I use Rodan+Fields skincare, it only takes me 5 minutes in the am and the pm and my skin looks better at 40 than it did at 20, big reason I became a consultant! #HomeMattersParty

    1. I love skincare routines. There is something about beginning & ending my day with a routine that helps me have better days! It’s a small thing, that adds up to a BIG thing — like you, my skin looks so much better than when I was 20! In 8th grade, I started using anti wrinkle cream… my thought was that if I could “preserve” my face for as long as possible, it would pay off in the long run. And it is!! Crazy as that sounds, and slightly vain. 😉

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