January Goals

I’m a firm believer in goal setting — in good goal setting — in goals that further me as a person, and as a small business owner.


I’m a firm believer in shouting your goals from the rooftops, so you have an army of people who will hold you accountable.

So, each month, I’ll be sharing my goals with you! I use Powersheets — and I’ll be sharing my ‘Tending List’ and keeping it updated with progress.

Join me if you’d like!

January’s Tending List

Finish (well) module one on EBA
Build Ikea Shelf completed 1/2/16
Reorganize closet & dresser

Weekly – 
Plan and prep meals
3 posts on SL
Social media scheduling

Daily Habits – 
Write 30 minutes a day on ebook
Read 20 minutes ✓
Bible journal 15 minutes
10,000 steps
8 hours sleep ✓


On top of all those goals, I ultimately want to Love my People Well. This is a graphic from Lara Casey’s Fruitful Summer series on her blog. And, it is so happy!


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