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Productive Cleaning Tips

Productive cleaning tips help you be more effective when doing daily chores!
Learn the best tips for productive cleaning, even when you don’t want to!

Productive Cleaning Tips

Time Management Solutions to Housekeeping

Saving time is something we all strive to accomplish.

Whether it’s finding a shortcut on the way to work to avoid traffic or even just choosing a quick dinner option, we love finding small solutions in order to focus more on leisure time on the enjoyable parts of life.

This especially rings true when it comes to housekeeping.

The idea of chores has been surrounded by a certain stigma ever since we were children.

Procrastinating, or avoiding them altogether, has become so common that even as adults we dread taking out the trash and find ourselves leaving dirty dishes sitting in the sink for the duration of the day. ((Who’s raising their hand?!))

Not to mention, since being quarantined at home for months, the need to keep up with housekeeping has only increased.

When we spend extended periods of time in our living space, it tends to become much dirtier at a quicker rate.

Implementing small solutions to assist in keeping your home clean and organized will help you get past the dread chores can bring while allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy!

Keep reading for some tips to get you started on a path to managing your housekeeping responsibilities. 

Research and utilize delivery options 

Getting the supplies you need to clean and organize your living space can take up an unnecessary amount of time.

While these items are a necessary component in the cleaning process, a trip to the store can cause distractions and also take away from time spent being productive in your cleaning.

Luckily, delivery of home essentials has evolved greatly and is a helpful option many have begun to use to have everything from clothing to food delivered to them.

In addition, these delivery services have even made it possible to have your cleaning supplies conveniently brought to you as well.

Through a delivery app, you can select the exact products you need for that day and have them sent right to your door.

It’s incredibly beneficial if you are focusing on an area you rarely clean.

Whether you need disinfectant wipes to scrub down the kitchen or even a plunger and toilet bowl cleaner to deep clean the bathroom, the selection capabilities with a tap of a finger are truly endless.  

Get creative with your existing tools 

While you may need to order some essentials, don’t discount the items you already have available to you.

The cleaning tools you already have can come in handy and speed along your process.

Not only will some of these save you time, but also make it so much easier.

Get creative with your methods and don’t be afraid to change up your normal process.

There are so many small hacks that you may have not even thought of! 

For example, cleaning your baseboards.

This is one of the most time time-consuming tasks when deep cleaning your home. ((How many times do you *actually* look at your baseboards and see how dusty they are?!))

However, with a few shortcuts, it certainly doesn’t have to be!

Wrap a cloth around the bristles of your broom and fasten it with a rubber band.

Next, spray the cloth portion with your cleaning product of choice.

Easily slide this across your baseboards and say goodbye to crouching uncomfortably and getting that dreaded lower back pain!

The hacks don’t stop there, refer here for more ways to get creative while cleaning.

Consistently keep up with tidying 

When we know we have to complete a task we’re not necessarily looking forward to, we tend to procrastinate. Anyone else?! Just me…?

We may be sucked into a new Netflix show or have overdue projects for work that feel more important, whatever the case may be, cleaning and decluttering gets put on the back burner.

While it is alright to take time for yourself and put off cleaning for a period of time, you’ll have to face it eventually

When you see a messy area in your home, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and ultimately lead you to avoid the area altogether.

Instead of turning a blind eye, simply tackle it one item at a time in order to stay consistent.

When passing a cluttered space, grab a couple of things and return them to their home.

Keeping these spots tidy will ease the process of deep cleaning so much. 

Establish clear goals before cleaning 

Being clear on what you want to accomplish on your cleaning days is crucial.

If you do not have a clear and planned list of to-do’s, you are more likely to stray away from what needs to be done and become hyper-focused on the wrong task.

With no clear direction, you may stop halfway through a task and begin another, which may hinder your overall productivity. 

Establishing routines is a great way to achieve this and focus on the right goals.

Whether you choose to create a morning or nightly routine, sticking to these habits can be difficult.

Begin by writing down everything you typically do in a day. After you get a feel for what your normal day and life looks like on paper, start with another list.

For this one, write out what priorities should be focused on daily, no matter what.

From there, begin to schedule out your week.

Be sure to include these high priorities within your day.

After, fill in the blank times with random tasks that need to get done and allow for flexibility to account for problems that come up throughout. 

Be sure to include these tips as you start your cleaning process – especially as you get ready for the holidays!

The season is fast approaching and you’ll need some time-savers to get you as prepared as possible.

Comment below your favorite tip!

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