HGG: the Hostess Who Has Everything!

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess Who Has Everything is for the friend who hosts people over and over and always has that *one* thing. 

for the hostess who has everything

We all have those friends who host people all the time. They’re the Monica of our Friends!

They always have the serving platter or utensils needed for just the right thing.

So, while they may be hard to buy a gift for, use this list to add to their collection!


First, a board is always a great gift!

Whether that is large, medium, or an individual cheeseboard

round boards for a cheese board

This is a set of two round boards, both great for cheeseboards or charcuterie of any kind!

Below is a round board with a small rim, and handles! Which is great for toting this around your home or porch making memories while grazing!

boos board balm

Board Balm is an essential tool if you own any kind of nice cutting board. So, your hostess with the mostess friend will need copious amounts!

small ramekins

Small ramekins are helpful for ‘housing’ jams and other spreadable items such as preserves, honey, olives, etc. While little bowls are cute, I like keeping white ramekins on hand, since they’re versatile and let whatever you put in them really stand out.  Your friend will thank you for adding to their collection – you can never have too many! 

small wooden spoons for a cheese board

Add these little wooden spoons to your cart and give them all away, or a few at a time! They pair perfectly with jams, jellies, and other spreads. Why not pick up a few jars of something fun like this honey trio?!

cheese storage bags

Cheese storage paper is helpful – did you know when you wrap your cheese in cling wrap or a plastic bag that it will go bad more quickly? So, help your friend out by gifting them this oh so helpful kitchen tool they may or may not have!

snarky napkins

Finally, fun (snarky!) napkins are always great! You can’t go wrong gifting these as a little something-something!

What would you add to this list?! Or, is there something you purchased for yourself that you will be gifting to everyone?! I’d love to know in the comments below!


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  1. This is exactly what I needed for inspiration going into the holiday season. I’d love to do a basket with a few of these ideas.

    1. Yes!! I’ve already started stocking up on a few of these items to take as gifts throughout the holiday party season!

    1. Oh man!! Mine tooooo!!! I picked some board cream up this weekend, and three of my boards are just soaking it in!

  2. Such fun gift ideas! I have those little white ramekins and LOVE them. The dancing sign is too funny!

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