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22 Cherry Christmas Cookies Recipes

Cherry Christmas Cookies are exactly what you want to make during the holiday season! These cherry cookies recipe ideas will fill your cookie platter and help you celebrate the best time of year!

Cherry Christmas Cookies Recipes

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Christmas Cookies are a huge deal during the holiday season! How many cookie exchanges have I been to over the years?! Countless!

But! I love those cookie exchanges! Since, I’m not a great baker, leaving a party with all my favorite cookie recipes, winning!!

Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need:

Cookie Sheet – I like half sheet pans, but a thin baking sheet is fine too!

Parchment paper – If you line baking sheets it helps with clean up and preventing anything from sticking. Especially when you have maraschino cherry juice and anything else that is super sticky!

Large bowl – for mxing by hand.

Kitchenaid Mixer – it was YEARS before I had an electric mixer, and now I can’t imagine how I made any cookie before it!

Plastic Wrap – most cookie recipes do better if you let them rest before baking, and covering with some kind of wrap prevents the dough from drying out.

Wire rack – for cooling the cookies

Rubber Spatula – to make sure everything is mixed super well, and the bottom of the bowl gets mixed in!

Cookie Scoop – the main reason I don’t enjoy making cookies is scooping out the perfect cookie. This handy tool helps!

Airtight Container – to save any cookies you want to eat, or order these fun containers to use as gifts!

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • All Purpose Flour and/or Almond Flour
  • Cherry Flavor or Cherry Extract
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Lots of Butter!
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Brown Sugar
  • Chopped Cherries
  • Chocolate chips of all kinds – white chocolate chunks, semi-sweet chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips

When you start to see any of these ingredinets on sale at the grocery store, slowly start stocking up! When you have the ingredients at the ready, it makes it easier to create fond memories in the kitchen — which is what they holiday season is all about!

12 Cherry Chirstmas Cookies Recipes

chocolate cherry cookies

Delicious Chocolate Cherry Cookies are perfect for adding to your Christmas cookie baking. Each cookie is filled with a maraschino cherry.

cherry jam brownie cookies

These Cherry Jam Brownie Cookies are sinfully chocolatey with a fruity center. The brownie cookie is soft, scrumptious, and rich and perfectly complimented by a delicious cherry jam. It’s the ultimate cookie for brownie and cherry lovers!

cherry fudge thumbprints

Cherry Fudge Thumbprints are like a decadent brownie with a tart center, perfect for holiday baking!

Poinsetta Cookies

These beautiful Poinsettia Cookies are perfect for Christmas! Cherry flavored sugar cookies in a beautiful flower shape.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Blossom Cookies

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Blossom Cookies are built on soft fudgy chocolate cookies topped with gooey candied cherries. These homemade cookies are a great dessert for the holidays or any day.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Snowball Cookies

Chocolate Covered Cherry Snowball Cookies – These festive cookies feature a dark chocolate snowball cookie dough wrapped around a maraschino cherry for a fun Christmas cookie unlike any other! They aren’t too sweet and just the right size for a couple bites and a smile.

Cherry Christmas Cookies

Cherry Christmas Cookies – These old-fashioned Cherry Christmas Cookies are simple to make and can be frozen for make-ahead holiday baking. Be sure and add these delightful treats to your holiday cookie exchange this year!

Cherry Almond Cookies

With their white chocolate-drizzled maraschino cherries perched prettily on top, these adorable little Cherry Almond Cookies are one tasty treat! They’re just perfect for Christmas cookie trays and cookie exchanges.

Candied Cherry Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies

Put a tasty holiday spin on your chocolate chip cookies with these Candied Cherry Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies. Loaded with candied cherries and the beautiful colors of Christmas, they’re a fun and festive take on this beloved classic treat.

cherry coconut snowball cookies

Melt-in-your-mouth Cherry Coconut Snowball Cookies with a maraschino cherry surprise in the middle and coconut coating will soon be your new favorite Christmas cookie.

cherry chip cookies

These Cherry Chip Cookies are the classic treat that used to be served in bakeries back in the 80’s. It’s festive and fun for Christmas especially.

Cherry Pecan Thumbprint Cookies

Cherry Pecan Thumbprint Cookies not only look pretty, but they also taste amazing! A buttery cookie base, chock full of pecans and topped with a cherry filling, drizzled with white chocolate makes this cookie a decadent treat.

More Cherry Christmas Cookies

cherry pecan shortbread rounds

Cherry Pecan Shortbread Rounds are an easy slice and bake cookie that will look pretty on any holiday cookie tray. A pretty addition to any cookie tray.

White Chocolate Cherry Cookies

These White Chocolate Cherry Cookies are chewy and light. Almond extract flavored pink dough, filled with chopped Maraschino cherries and white chocolate chips.

Christmas Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies

Christmas Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies, with Buttercream Icing, are colorful, sweet, buttery shortbread thumbprint cookies, covered in red and green sprinkles and topped with either red, green, or white buttercream frosting!

Almond Cherry Cookies

Soft, Delicious Almond Cherry Cookies Glazed in Cherry Frosting with a Surprise Cherry in the Middle! These Almond Cherry Cookies are a delicious cookie for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because.

Cheesecake Cookies Recipe

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? I certainly do. And while I am always ready to dive into a slice, if anything makes it easier to consume cheesecake, I’m all in. This Cheesecake Cookies Recipe is just the thing when you have that cheesecake craving.

fruitcake drop cookies

Fruitcake Drop Cookies, sometimes called Holiday Fruit Drops, are an old fashioned Christmas cookie, made popular as an updated version of Fruitcake. They are soft and chewy and filled with red and green candied cherries, dates, and pecans.

cherry biscotti

This Cherry Biscotti recipe is a vanilla biscotti cookie studded with dried cherries that has hints of both orange and almond flavors. This twice-baked Italian cookie is a light and crispy cherry dessert that is delicious served with coffee or tea.

vegan melting moments cookie

These Vegan Melting Moments are melt-in-your-mouth cookies made with desiccated coconut and glacé cherries. They’re based on a vintage recipe from a Be-Ro advertisement in the 1950’s and are still well-loved today.

cherry shortbread

This easy slice and bake Cherry Shortbread can be dipped in white or dark chocolate. It’s a great cookie for gift-giving!

cherry chocolate chip cookies

These Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect blend of tart and sweet. Cherries and chocolate go so well together, and when combined in a cookie they are irresistible!

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Cherry Christmas Cookies

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