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Charcuterie Books

Charcuterie Books make a great gift to give, are filled with vibrant photography, and help you take your own boards to the next level! The visual inspiration in each book will have you creating the most amazing cheese boards that are tailored to your personal taste.

Charcuterie Books

This post breaks down my personal favorite useful book ideas whether you are purchasing for yourself, or for a gift.

What you’ll love about this post:

  • EXPERT ADVICE – Hear from a first-hand account of which books to purchase! The book reviewed in this post is the books I actually own, use, love, and gift often!
  • GIFT IDEA – Finding a gift for your mother-in-law, sister-in-law, the person who has everything, and everyone in between is hard! You’ll find great gift ideas in this post.
  • WRAP IT UP – Learn how to package your charcuterie board book for a hostess gift, Mother’s day, or a wedding gift!

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Charcuterie Books to Buy

I am listing out my favorite easy charcuterie board books that I think make wonderful gifts. So much so, I give one of them often to friends and family!

All of these books use fully-illustrated instructions, and at the end of each book synopsis, I share how you can create your own cheese board gift for any special someone in your life.

The Cheeseboard Deck:

My top favorite isn’t a book at all!

the cheeseboard deck by meg quinn

Meg Quinn (known on social as @aintooproudtomeg), created an exquisite Cheese Board Deck. If you’ve followed her on social for any length of time you know she is THE queen on memorable boards, filled with decadent desserts, inventive boards, and scrumptious-looking cheese pairings.

It’s sturdy cards with beautiful boards of all kinds, ready to recreate!

The number one thing I love most about this “book” is that the cards are meant to be transported to the store!

the cheeseboard deck cards

You choose your board idea and take the card with you to the store. Pick all your assortment of other ingredients, take it all home, and recreate the board, just like in the picture.

Plus, this is great for the home cook who has everything. It’s the perfect gift to give!

movie night from the cheeseboard deck

Here’s how to wrap this gift up for a fun hostess gift:

Add essential charcuterie knives, The Cheeseboard Deck, and a jar of Mike’s Hot Honey to a gift bag. Add some tissue paper, and tie the handles together with a big bow!

This book that’s not a book will run you around $16-$20.

That Cheese Plate with Change Your Life

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life is a “cheese board by numbers” book from Marissa Mullen and is also a favorite! (Check her out on Insta @marissamullen and on her website That Cheese Plate!)

She’s created a thoughtful process for choosing the items that will make your board look AND taste the best, every single time.

Each board recipe comes with “the key” which is not only your grocery list but also your placement map.

that cheese plate will change your life

She walks you through plate size, and how many people certain-sized serving boards will feed.

From Your Morning Bagel Plate to the Treat Yourself Plate, you’ll find something for every unique palate!

The board-friendly recipes are just the gift you want to give to your favorite bestie!

Here’s how to wrap this gift up for a Mother’s Day gift:

Find a round board that has a lip around it. Find some jams, preserves, and other fun items for the cheese board. Top it all off with this book! Wrap cellophane, tie a big bow around it, and you’ve got yourself a great gift for Mother’s Day!

This book costs around $28 but is often on sale via Amazon.

Beautiful Boards

Beautiful Boards by Maegan Brown is filled with amazing flavor profiles! Maegan Brown is the amazing Mama behind The Baker Mama!

Inside the pages of this book are 50 Snack Board Ideas for Every Occasion. Doesn’t that make you want to tear open the pages, and start creating the art of charcuterie?

beautiful boards by maegan brown the baker mama

Her book guides you through exactly what you’ll need for serving the best boards (ramekins, mason jars, cheese knives, spreaders, etc). She even includes what you need to serve OFF the board! Woo hoo!!

From a board filled with every s’more topping imaginable to a gorgeous rainbow fruit board, this book is sure to be one of the best books you can give the newlyweds!

They’ll be set up to host amazing gatherings with the best charcuterie in their own kitchen.

Here’s how to wrap this gift up for a wedding gift:

Find a really nice big cheese board and pair it with a subscription to Murray’s Cheese Shop! They have subscription boxes that are so much fun and filled with great recipes. The book and the board can be tied together with a fun note wishing the new couple well and inspiring them to host gatherings in their own homes.

This book will cost you around $25, yet is often on sale via Amazon.

Tools You’ll Need to Create Your Own Cheeseboard

Easy charcuterie boards are a great way to host in your own home. Filling a board with all kinds of delicious recipes, cured meats, artisan cheese, and fruits is so much fun.

You’ll need a nice big board, but you’ll also want some cheese knives, a few ramekins for sauces, and maybe some cheese labels.

Having cheese labels is nice so you don’t have to answer “What is this cheese?” over and over at your party!

I like to use dried fruits and nuts to fill any empty places and to help any board feel full.

Handy tip: Stock Up!

Keep crackers, preserves, mustards, and other dried sauces in your pantry.

It’s a great way to easily make any kind of cheeseboard “fancy” when you add fig preserves to a ramekin and serve it with goat cheese!

I hope this post has helped you learn about three charcuterie books that are great to have in your home cook library! They’re not only fun to read through, but they’re great for helping you come up with fun hosting ideas for future dinner parties!

One fun idea is to task people of bringing various boards for a fun party theme. We did this for supper club for one month, and everyone still talks about how that might have been their favorite theme!

Do you have a favorite cheese board book you love? There are plenty on the market, however, these are the ones I own and love! I wouldn’t feel right about reviewing a book I hadn’t read. I’d love to know if you have a favorite! These charcuterie books are sure to make a big impact!

Don’t forget to check out my Amazon Cheeseboard Essentials List! It’s got everything you need to start creating your own boards!

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Charcuterie Books

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