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Establishing a Morning Routine

Establishing a morning routine can create order in your life. Productively beginning your day will help slay the day and become more successful.

Growing up, my mom would leave chore cards out for us.

They were hanging on magnets, to the side of our water dispenser. They were simple chores: make your bed, brush your teeth, comb your hair, pick up your toys.

As we got older they would increase in difficulty.

I wish I could say those great habits stuck with me through life… But, my bed was rarely made in high school/college… My clothes were rarely off the floor that I would use as a shelf.

I enjoy order and tidiness, organized drawers and closets. When things are in their place, I thrive.

Yet, I let the ease of NOT doing the mundane things overcome me and get in the way of my life.

I would end up spending hours and hours sorting, cleaning, and organizing my spaces.

Here, I am, approaching my 30th birthday, and I’m back to the habitual routine of making my bed, picking up, brushing my teeth, combing my hair.

Inside Cultivate What Matter’s Powersheets, on the tending list is a DAILY tracker. Last year, I was quite intentional about forming simple habits that would eventually become routine.

My Powersheet Tribe and I discuss this every single month, how these little things add up to big things, and they really do make a difference in the long run.

How, even though these tasks are as mundane as it gets, they make a HUGE difference in our overall being.

{I do have to disclose, my sewing room IS a mess… So, I’m far from perfect!}

Here is my morning routine:

  • Wake up
  • Make bed
  • Wash face with a clean, cold washcloth
  • Get dressed for the day
  • Then, I head to the kitchen. If this is on a Wednesday or Sunday, I bring a load of laundry. (I’m just one person… I don’t do a lot of it!)
  • I fill my Young Living Diffuser in the kitchen: usually using Thieves and Purification… Keep those germs at bay!
just blend smoothie kit
  • I pull a blend out of the freezer and let it sit out for 10 minutes
  • Next, I’ll make a cup of tea either in the Keurig or with the kettle
  • If I’m waiting for my tea to brew, I like to empty the dishwasher if needed
  • Next, I’ll throw my JustBlend into the blenderestablishing a morning routine
  • While I’m drinking my blend and tea I check email/blog
  • Finally, I take my dishes and load them into the washer and wipe my counters down with my Norwex cloth + Thieves spray.

Creating a morning routine for myself that is “on the go” is helpful too.

I am not always in one spot, so here’s a condensed version of when I am away from home:

  • Wake up
  • Make my bed
  • Wash my face
  • Get dressed
  • Drink a cup of tea
  • Check emails/blog

Knowing I have the same routine every day is so helpful to be more productive each day! 

What does your morning routine look like?? Have you taken Crystal Paine’s Makeover Your Morning class yet?? I just started…. and it is WONDERFUL!! Learning so many helpful tips!

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for your mornings! What gets you out of bed and productive??

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