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Handmade Holiday: Pearl Napkin Rings

I love anything that goes on the table.

Place cards. Chargers. Table cloths, table runners. Napkins. Napkin rings. Salt & Pepper shakers.

Love it all.

However, most of it is quite expensive! And, with a few tools from the craft room, you too can make your own “stuff.”

I don’t usually shop at Pier 1, but I found these napkin rings online, and just L-O-V-E them!!!


But… $4.95 or even $3.68 times 20 is PRICEY. That’s over $100 full price or $74+ on sale for 20 of them (And, yes, I buy in large quantities. But, it’s not unusual to have 20 people for dinner!)!! Crazy.

These napkins rings took about 30 minutes. That’s quicker than going to the store and coming back with them in hand!   Easy-peasy, Lemon-Squeezy!

I’ll show you how…

Gather your items:

Stretch Magic .5mm string (I buy it at Joann’s or Michaels, doesn’t matter! Most craft stores carry it.)
Beads – I chose pearls, they go with any and everything (18 per strand!)
Super Glue – whatever kind you have on hand. You’ll need a minimal amount. Craft Glue works well too.

Cut your string to the appropriate length. I cut mine to about 7.5 inches. You want enough room for the beads, but small enough to hold the napkin well. The longer you leave the string at the ends of stringing your beads, the easier it is to tie the final knot.

Can you see it there???

String the beads on in whichever order you prefer. Sometimes it’s best to line them up how you want them – seeing if it works well, or not! I just used the same pearls – so no pattern was needed.

Tie the knot a couple times, adding a teeny tiny dot of super glue. This helps the knot stay, and not unravel, leaving you with extra beads in your food!

Then, take to your table, add your napkin, and voilá! An elegant napkin ring that didn’t cost a fortune.

While they don’t look anything like Pier 1’s gorgeous rings, these can break and I won’t cry. I won’t worry or be upset if someone throws it in the trash accidentally. I’ll just make a new one!

They will be functional for our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! Who’s excited??!

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