Mobile Office Setup

Curate a mobile office that packs all the essentials of a traditional desk life — in one bag!
Tote all the things you need to work on the go.

work from home station setup

Let’s have a chat about working from home.

It’s hard!

Working from home requires extreme dedication and focus.

You’ve got a thousand other things staring you in the face, but you have to get your work done.

Effective working might mean picking up shop and moving to another room—so I’ve created a Mobile Office in a Bag that will help YOU setup shop wherever you need to.

The coffee shop.

Your living room.

Kitchen table.

Wherever you can find space!

Set up an office in a bag

I’ve created an easy way to make an office anywhere you go. 

We’re all working from various locations, sometimes various rooms at home.

If you need something that is VERY mobile… and that isn’t too terribly cumbersome, these are the items for you!

I really enjoy having everything all in one place, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Curating a mobile office for myself has been a great use of space.

thirty-one office bag with file folder insert

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The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty One is absolutely perfect.

I have purchased many items from this company, and I’ve never been disappointed.

This bag holds everything!

If you want an affordable option from Amazon that skips the MLM pyramid THIS is the bag for you!

How to Create a Mobile Office in a Bag—

Having a regular routine is super important when you are self-employed! Here are some tips for How to Create a Productive Morning Routine

simple office on the go bag

These are my favorite products to use when creating a routine and sticking to it!

    • Powersheets — these will change your life. Seriously! And, if you can, find a Powersheet buddy. I didn’t utilize them to their fullest until I started doing them with friends
    • Agenda — I love my Inkwell Press planner. It’s a lot like combining Powersheets with an agenda.

    • Sticky Notes — when I’m getting in the habit of a new routine, I often write it down on a sticky note and put it where I can see it often. {I also use sticky notes when I have a super busy day, that is time-sensitive! I put where I need to be and when on the sticky note, and put it on my dashboard!} 
    • Colorful pens — it just makes it that much cuter to create your list and check it off! These Papermate Flairs are my favorite!
    • Bulletin Board — post your routine where you will see it every day. Even after it becomes a habit.


Mobile Office in a Bag

I purchased the fold-n-file insert, and it has served me well! 

Here’s everything that fits inside:

  • Computer
  • Agenda
  • Powersheets
  • Moleskine Professional Notebook
  • Pen cup
  • Zip-top bag with necessities

This has also cut down on my home desk paraphernalia. I don’t need all the extra fluff since I take my “office” with me in most places.

When I’m ready to work at home, I just open my mobile office and pull what I need out. Returning once I am finished, so it all stays in place for the next on the go work jaunt.

Here’s a closer look:

Set up an office in a bag

Visit my Amazon Influencer Store to stock up for yourself!

I’ve got my Simplified Planner (the one from Target!) — it’s my first year using this planner, and since July, I really like it!

There are definitely some things missing for me from this planner—but, for $20 it’s wonderful. 

Favorite part?? Each day has a place to put your appointments AND your to-do list. Woo hoo!

My Powersheets are next—they go with me everywhere.

I could wax on poetic about my love of Powersheets—I’ve been a faithful user since 2015, and I can honestly say my life 

My vintage juice glass keeps all my pens, pencil, and a couple of highlighters.

The black notebook is a Moleskine PRO Notebook.

It’s where I write all my morning pages, notes from webinars, and ideas I have for blog posts, etc. It’s an all in one notebook, and I love that the pages are numbered, that there are columns, and it’s hardback!

If you love planners and Powersheets, you know about these stickers and how great they are!

They go with me everywhere, just in case…

mobile ring light

I keep a few items in a zip-top pouch:

  • Lip balm + lipstick
  • SD card reader
  • USB adapter
  • Mini ring light – You never know when you’ll need to hop on a Zoom call, and this makes you look so so so much better!
  • Faux Airpods – they’re $34, work great, and I won’t feel as badly WHEN I lose one! 

I didn’t carry the USB adapter as often as I should… and I learned very quickly how important it is to my MacBook Air! 


Do you have a mobile office — what are your essentials??

Any must-have office products I’m missing?!

Leave a comment below with your favorite products!


Here’s a Pinterest graphic, ready for your favorite boards! Go ahead and save it. 😉

Creating a Mobile Office in a Bag from Sweetpea Lifestyle

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  1. I used the same products a few years ago when I was volunteering as the treasurer for our local high school band. Loved loved loved it and still have the bags to use whenever I’m on the road with the blog. #HomeMattersParty

  2. What a great mobile office set up. I am loving your lace cup full of colorful Flair pens!!! 🙂 #HomeMattersParty

  3. I actually have all of these 31 products I just need to put them into use, and I’m doing EBA now too! #HomeMattersParty

  4. This mobile office is adorable and so functional. It’s perfect how everything fits and the cup of pens, etc is perfect. What a wonderful way to be organized on the go. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I love the looks from people when I take out this cup of pens at a coffee shop. And, then there are the true ‘school supply lovers’ who come up and say how much they love it! 😉

  5. Y do u have 2 planners? Is there a name for that particular 31 bag? Is the EBA for bloggers only?

    1. I use the monthly only one for planning blog posts — the other is my day to day agenda. It’s helpful to have the blog posts separately and mapped out each quarter. The 31 bag is the “Personalized Utility Tote Bag” — it still looks as good as the day I got it, and it’s been lugged around for YEARS! EBA is for anyone wanting to start or grow their blog. But, it would be equally helpful for someone starting a small business that will have a website. Hope this helps you, Nicole!

  6. Enjoyed your post. I have both 31 products, never thought to use them together. Your iPad case is wonderful. Where did you find the Paris fabric?

    1. That fabric is from the Rifle Paper Co line several years ago! You might be able to find some on Etsy; they’ve got several other cities, too!

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