Five Tips for Better Sleep TONIGHT!

Here are five simple tips for better sleep tonight!

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Y’all… It’s National Nap Day…. and, National Nap Day came on the QUINTESSENTIAL day…. The day after we “Sprung Forward” ……..


better sleep tonight


And, let me tell you — it’s been a sluggish day. That 6am wakeup turned into a 7:30 sleep in… and even then it was difficult to get up!


better sleep tonight


Here are my 5 tips for sleeping well:

Go to bed at the same time.

Your mama really was speaking the truth when you were a child! Having a ‘bedtime’ helps your body’s circadian rhythm; and over a couple weeks time, your body will habitually tell you it’s bedtime!

Have a before bed routine.

Something as simple as washing your face, brushing your teeth, and  jumping into bed… But, do it in the same order. Once again, those life habits help your body promote good sleep.

Cool temperatures help encourage deep sleep.

I love being warm. But, waking up sweaty in the middle of the night is NOT fun…. 62˚ – 64˚ is optimal temperature for your bedroom. Try it!

White Noise.

I can talk to anyone and everyone about my white noise machine. Seriously, this little machine is a sleeping game changer.

Sleep Mask.

Using a sleep mask, such as SleepSwag, promotes deep, restful sleep. By blocking extraneous light sources and giving your eyes an extra push in staying closed.

better sleep tonight


Now, here’s the FUN part…. Enter for a chance to win one of SleepSwag’s eye masks!! The winner will be announced on Friday, the 17th!
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better sleep tonight


Cheers to better rest, TONIGHT!

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  1. Love love love my sound machine! Every time we travel, we try to bring it with us. If we have to worry about weight (as in, a maximum weight when packing a suitcase), we just opt to use our phone app Sleepy Fan. You can pick out what kind of white noise you like and it helps in a pinch! (I still prefer my sound machine though..) Can’t wait to try the French Onion Chicken Soup!

  2. I don’t have any sleep tips and right now my sleeping is totally off schedule. Maybe I will try your tips since I don’t want to take pills

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