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Cultivating healthy habits helps you live a more productive life


Cultivating healthy habits can not only help your sanity as a person, but help you live your most productive and efficient life.


We all know healthy habits to cultivate in our lives. I’ve come to realize a few that aren’t so “pushed,” nor do they seem like “healthy” habits. You know, the usual drink water, eat more kale, exercise, etc. These habits are simple things that add up to big results over time. These are the daily mundane that need to be leaned into, and cultivated.


  1. Choose three (small) things daily.

  2. One minute Rule.

  3. Set a timer.


These three habits have transformed my productivity and efficiency in life. I am a naturally efficient person — I gravitate towards doing things well. However, I can be a MAJOR procrastinator… And someone who would rather write out her list of to-do’s than actually do them! Growing up I refered to my bedroom floor as a big shelf, and didn’t put my clothes away very often. Now, I’m the girl who unpacks her suitcase in a hotel, even if it’s just for the night. SHOCKING, I know!



Cultivate a habit of choosing three things each day to accomplish

By prioritizing three things each day, I don’t end up with a list of things I never get to; I end up with three very purposeful items. If I finish those three early in the day, then I will choose one or two others to work on. But, I am no longer burdened by a mile long list — just a short list, of items I know I can accomplish. Talk about encouraging! An Inkwell Press Planner or Erin Condren Life Planner has space for this kind of list. Just find a big blank space, and write in your top three. I also just use a List within my Reminders app on my iPhone. This method quickly became a habit, much faster than I thought.




If it takes less than one minute, do it now. Don't put it off!

Have y’all heard of this EASY habit?! If it takes less than a minute, do it right then. That dish you just used, rinse it and put in the dishwasher. That dress you took off when you got home, hang it up or put it on the hamper. The mail you brought in?? Deal with it right when you walk in the door. <—-This deals with taming the paper tiger! Those mundane tasks add up over time, and when you don’t do them right away, you’ll waste your time in the long run. Just do it now! And make it a healthy habit!



Set a timer for 15 minutes and get it done.

Hands down my favorite app on my phone is my Timer. I use it ALL THE TIME. If I need to tackle a “monster” and declutter something — I set my timer for 15 minutes. More often than not, I get through it all before the timer goes off! {{I can’t tell you how much time I have wasted over the years agonizing over a project I thought would take forever.}} This is great for messy bookshelves, a disordered pantry, laundry needing to be folded, etc. You can literally apply the 15 minutes timer to any area of your life, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible! 


All the above can be applied in your blogging business! Let me show you how…


Choose three:

Pick three things you want to accomplish each day. If it’s part of a larger goal, make it easy to do in one day. I have 156 previous posts that need to be updated with better SEO… There is no way I can do that all in one day! So, each day I choose ONE post to work on… And, guess what?! I have been updating 4+ each day. They don’t take that long {going back to that 15 minute timer!!}, and I’m able to focus and get it done. 


One Minute Rule:

That quick email you needed to reply to? Do it now. Don’t be wordy — yes, no, I’ll get back to you, let me check my calendar, etc. All those responses are perfectly fine. Maybe take 15 minutes and create canned responses that you can copy and paste when you need to reply quickly. 


Set a Timer:

Writing posts can be a burden sometimes. Set your timer and write for 15 minutes. Whether that is an actual post, or a brainstorming session. Once the bell rings, get up and walk around. Clear your head, then return and set a timer again. 


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Cultivate healthy habits with these three rules for a more productive life.



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