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3 Tips for Hosting the BEST Friendsgiving, EVER!

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While this information is meant for a “Friendsgiving” it applies to any dinner party!
When hosting a party, I follow three simple “rules.”

1. Plan well. I’ve created a one page ‘system’ that is my go to for any entertaining/hospitality needs — And it only takes one sheet of notebook paper!

2. Use place cards. You’ve planned for your people, now tell them where to sit. 

3. Lots of candles. This may seem petty — but candles make a table.

Plan Well —-

One piece of notebook paper is all you need. Fold the right side over, about half an inch wider than the margin line on the backside. This is where you can write your grocery list, your timeline, and other essential information.

On the left side, the large area, is where you’ll write what you are cooking — be sure to include all the ingredients, even if you already have them. That way, when you go to make the recipe you can corral all the ingredients easier.

The backside is for anything having to do with your table. Who is coming — table setting — what others are bringing (if that applies) — and ‘fun’ items.

Use the small Post-It Page Markers for making your seating chart. Segueing into step #2!

Place Cards

Yes, this example is a *bit* overkill — but, how cute are these tepees?! They are unavailable now, but aren’t they just the most adorable?! Thanks, Paper Source for being my GO TO for all things tabletop!

The reason I use place cards is two fold:

1. The person instantly feels at ease. They know where they are sitting, and they know that I planned for their appearance. While this may seem like over-thinking, it’s not. How many times have you walked in someone’s home, and felt that “I’m not sure where I go, there’s a lot of people.” feeling…. THIS solves that! {Along with a boozy beverage… Just saying…}

2. I like to arrange people — some call it controlling, I call it manipulating my party. Two people who know each other well shouldn’t dine next to each other. And, you don’t want two ‘talkers’ next to one another. You want the “fun people” spread through out the table. You want the people who are comfortable in this setting to be the drivers of conversation all over the table.

You don’t need fancy place cards — a simple 3″x5″ note card folded in half will do!

Candles, and lots of them —

This table has three things… a cloth, a paper runner (once again from Paper Source!), and candles. Yet, somehow it looks elaborately elegant.

**This gold marble paper runner is their new chevron paper runner… BEAUTIFUL!**

Large, unscented candles in glass containers anchor the center of the table. Small votives filled with unscented tea lights keep the whimsy when placed randomly, and in odd numbers.

Light the candles, dim your overhead lights, and watch the magic appear!

To recap:

1. Plan well.
2. Place cards.
3. Candles.

Utilize all three of these tips and your next dinner party, Friendsgiving, or this Thursday’s Thanksgiving will be sensational!

Here is a handy pin, ready for you to keep handy!

Any tips you use when entertaining??

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my Festive Moscow Mule, that makes any party come alive!

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