Sour Cream and Lipton Onion Burger

Sour Cream and Lipton Onion Burger is an amazing burger recipe you’ll want to make over and over. Hamburger patties are mixed with a packet of onion soup mix and sour cream for a juicy burger recipe that is packed with flavor.

sour cream and lipton onion soup mix burger

How to Make a Lipton Onion Soup Burger Recipe

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a burger-making rut, reaching for the same old seasonings and toppings? 

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I know I have, but then I discovered the game-changer: Sour Cream and Lipton Onion Soup Burgers. 

This simple ingredient, often tucked away in the pantry for soups, is the secret weapon for creating juicy, flavorful burgers that leave your guests asking for the recipe. 

It’s not just about mixing ground beef with the soup mix; it’s about unlocking a whole new level of taste and simplicity in your kitchen. Adding the sour cream is one of those recipe secrets you’ll be keeping to yourselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock new flavors: Lipton Onion Soup Mix brings a rich, savory depth to burgers. Sour cream helps to keep each burger moist and juicy. 
  • Simplicity is key: Enhancing your burgers with this mix is easy and foolproof. 
  • Be adventurous: Encourages turning everyday meals into special culinary experiences. 

The Secret Ingredient Unveiled

Let me tell you about a little secret that elevates my burgers from good to absolutely unforgettable. 

That secret? Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Gone are the days when this humble packet was confined to the realms of a simple soup enhancer. 

Its versatility knows no bounds, especially when it comes to crafting the best burgers you’ve ever tasted. With this easy recipe, infusing your patties with that deep, rich onion flavor becomes a breeze. 

Simply combine Lipton mix and sour cream with your lean meat, and voilà! 

You’re on your way to creating juicy, flavorful burgers that tantalize the taste buds. 

It’s not just about convenience; it’s about transforming the average into extraordinary with a simple packet of onion soup mix

So go ahead, explore this secret ingredient, and watch as your homemade burgers become the talk of the town. 

What You’ll Need

  • One packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mixed with Sour Cream: The secret ingredient that’ll transform your burgers. 
  • 1 1/2 pounds of lean ground beef: For juicy, yet not overly greasy, burgers. 
  • A splash of Worcestershire sauce: Adds a depth of flavor that complements the onion soup mix beautifully. 
  • Smash Seasoning: For a little kick. It’s my new go-to for seasoning!
  • Your favorite toppings: Think caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. 
  • Duke’s Mayo if you prefer: For spreading on the buns, offering a creamy texture. 
  • Hamburger buns, brioche, or onion buns: Choose your base for these delicious burgers. 

Prepping Your Burger Mix

First, let’s dive into the thrilling world of mixing our Lipton Onion Soup Burger recipe. 

Grab a large bowl, because this is where all the magic happens. Pour in your packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, calling forth that robust onion flavor we’re all here for. Mix in a 16-ounce carton of sour cream, like you’re mixing up French onion dip  Basically, you are!

I like to add a few snipped green onions to my soup mix dip, for a little fresh flavor. It’s an optional ingredient reflected in the recipe card below.

You’ll reserve half for dipping, or topping your burger. The other half gets mixed into the lean ground beef.

Now, bring in the lean ground beef, a choice that ensures our burgers are not just tasty, but also have a lovely, tender texture. 

smash seasoning for burgers

For that extra kick of flavor, I love to add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkle of Smash Seasoning; they’re small additions, but trust me, they make all the difference. 

Now, with clean hands—because hygiene is king in the kitchen—gently combine all the ingredients

This isn’t just about mixing; it’s about infusing your burgers with love, ensuring every patty is seasoned to perfection. So, roll up your sleeves and enjoy the process; it’s part of the fun of creating these mouth-watering burgers. 

Sour Cream and Lipton Onion Soup Burger

My method for evenly distributing seasoning into ground beef without over-mixing it is to use the “claw method.” Using your dominant hand, make a “five” with your hand, and then pick up the meat and plop it onto itself over and over. Scoop and plop.

This helps the meat stay tender but evenly combines everything. 

When you’re ready to make your burgers, score the meat in the bowl, into quarters (if you’re using one pound), or however many burgers you need. 

sour cream and onion burger patties

Pull each ball of meat out of the bowl and form into a patty with an indention in the center of each one. 

Cooking to Perfection

I cooked these delicious burgers in a skillet. They are rather fragile burgers.

Preheat a cast iron skillet to medium-high heat, and gently lay the patties in the skillet. Don’t crowd the burgers though. You want some room between each of them so they sear and don’t steam.

cooking burger patties on the stove top

When you go to flip the burgers, they might fall apart. That’s okay! The cheese we’ll add to the next side will hold them together. 

Use a fish spatula so your spatula gets under each burger, and you can get some good leverage to flip it.  

Once you flip the burgers you’ll cook to all the way through.

adding cheese to stovetop burgers

While some people like their burgers medium-rare or medium temperature, these should be cooked all the way through. I promise it won’t dry out! The sour cream ensures you have a juicy burger!

Top your burger on the second side with nutty Gruyere cheese, and put a lid on top so it steams and gets very melty.

Adding the Toppings

Now, let’s get to the fun part – dressing up these juicy burgers.

brioche burger bun with toppings

 You’ve got your basics, sure, traditional lettuce and ripe tomatoes, but why not elevate the experience? 

Picture this: caramelized onions, their sweetness enhanced after slow cooking on low heat, crowning the top of your burger. It’s these surprising ingredients that transform a simple meal into a mouthwatering delight. 

Basically, you’ll make French onion Soup Burgers!

Lipton Onion Soup Burgers with Cheese

Don’t hold back; play around with your favorite toppings, making each burger a unique creation that’s tailored just for you. Whether it’s creamy slices of avocado or a dollop of real mayonnaise, it’s all about crafting that perfect bite. 

I personally like an extra dollop of the Lipton onion soup mix and sour cream dip mixed with a tablespoon of A1 Suce, then spread on either side of the buns.

Serving Sour Cream and Lipton Onion Soup Burger Suggestions

These onion soup mix burgers need the classic side dishes like a pile of crispy potato chips or some french fries.

You could also do some baked beans and Classic Coleslaw with it. 

Variations of the Classic

Exploring beyond the traditional beef burger opens up a delicious world of variety and flavor, especially when incorporating Lipton Onion Soup Mix into your recipes. 

sour cream and onion burger with cheese

One such alternative that I’ve grown particularly fond of is turkey burgers. By swapping beef for ground turkey and adding a packet of onion soup mix, you are treated to a lighter yet incredibly juicy burger. The mix not only seasons the meat perfectly but also keeps it moist, making for a delightful change of pace. 

Another favorite of mine and a real crowd-pleaser is meatloaf. Elevating this classic comfort food with Lipton Onion Soup Mix transforms it into something spectacular. The onion soup mix blends seamlessly with the ground meat, breadcrumbs, and your other favorite meatloaf ingredients, creating an aromatic and richly flavored dish. This easy addition will ensure your meatloaf is far from ordinary, becoming a delectable feast that leaves everyone asking for your secret ingredient. 

Both of these variations of the classic embrace the unique, savory depth that Lipton Onion Soup Mix brings to the table, proving that this simple packet is not just for soups but a versatile powerhouse for a whole host of recipes. 

A Taste That Brings Everyone Back

There’s something inherently heartwarming about gathering around the table with loved ones, laughter mingling with the sizzle of burgers on the grill. It’s in these moments, as the scent of caramelized onions wafts through the air, that I’m reminded why the Lipton Onion Soup Burger recipe is not just food, but an experience. Preparing these burgers, with their juicy centers and savory edges, feels less like cooking and more like crafting memories. 

lipton onion soup burger recipe with sour cream

From my kitchen to yours, I can’t help but share this simple key to crafting the best burgers you’ve ever had. The secret? A packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Combine it with lean meat, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and a bit of black pepper, and you’ve got a recipe that promises juicy onion burgers every time.

Whether it’s over a gas grill for that smoky char or a skillet for those delectable crusts, perfection is within easy reach. 

Indeed, what starts as a simple mix from an airtight container blossoms into delicious burgers that beckon everyone back, time and again. It’s a testament to how a few simple ingredients, combined with love and laughter, make not just a meal, but memories.

This, to me, is the heart of cooking—bringing joy, satisfaction, and a touch of surprise to the table. So, the next time you find yourself pondering the menu for a family favorite, remember the Lipton Onion Soup Burgers and the unexpected delight they’re sure to bring. 

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sour cream and lipton onion soup burgers

Sour Cream and Lipton Onion Burger

  • Author: Sweetpea
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 14
  • Total Time: 24 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x
  • Category: main dish
  • Method: stove top
  • Cuisine: american




  • 16 ounces of Sour Cream
  • 1 packet of Lipton Onion Dry Soup Mix
  • Optional: 2-3 Green Onions, sliced

Burger Patties:

  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 3/4 cup Onion Soup Dip
  • 1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Smash Seasoning (you can also use a few shakes of black pepper)
  • 4 slices of Gruyere Cheese (or provolone, or whatever cheese you prefer!)

Burger Sauce

  • 2 TBS Onion Soup Dip
  • 1 TBS A1 Sauce


  1. You can mix up your Onion Dip a few days ahead of time if you’d like to! Or, mix it up and serve alongside your burgers. You know it’s delicious anytime!
  2. In a large bowl, mix the ground beef with a scant cup of Onion Dip, the one tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce, and half a teaspoon of Smash Seasoning.
  3. Evenly incorporate everything together, and then you’ll make your burger patties.
  4. I score the meat mixture in the bowl, then pull the hunk out, and form into patties.
  5. Preheat your cast iron skillet to medium-high heat.
  6. Using a gentle hand, place these burgers in a preheated cast iron skillet.
  7. Let them cook on the first side for a good 4-5 minutes.
  8. These burgers are delicate, so be careful when you go to flip them. I like to use a fish spatula, to get all the way under each burger and really use that leverage.
  9. While the burgers cook, you can mix up the Burger Sauce if you want to use it.
  10. Flip them over and cook until almost done.
  11. When the burgers are almost cooked through, add some slices of Gruyere cheese on top, and put a lid on top to melt the cheese.
  12. Serve on brioche buns with the burger sauce, or whatever you want!

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