How to…. Set the Table!


You decide to have your neighbors over for dinner. You know what you are serving for appetizers. You know what you are serving for dinner. You know what you want for dessert. Do you know how to set your table? And by “set” mean, set it with napkins, flatware, and decorations that will ease conversation, make your guests feel welcome, and be functional.

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Surrounding a table, eating with family and friends is an act that has occurred for centuries. For me, there is nothing I love more, than gathering around the table, sharing a meal. Laughing and discussing a myriad of topics – partaking in the act of passing dishes and serving one another.

Setting a table is quite easy , let me show you! (These images were taken from Pinterest…. If you’re not on Pinterest – let me know! I’ll send you an invite…. It’s so much fun!)


Take this vase, for example… A lovely bunch of roses in a vase lined with limes. Easy! Peasy! Limey! Squeezy! The limes act as a base for the roses, making arranging them much easier. They’ll stay where you want them – which is always the key to flower arranging.

One thing to keep in mind when creating floral arrangements:

Don’t make the arrangements 
taller than your eye line!
Nothing bothers me more than sitting at a table that you have to strain your neck to see the person across from me. I want to see someone’s eyes! I like to talk, and I like to talk to lots of people.
Speaking of lemons and limes! They are fabulous to use as centerpieces. They are about the easiest thing to put on a table. Fill a bowl, vase, or just place them in a row going down the table. They are bright, fresh, and colorful. Add some candles and YOU. ARE. DONE. 
martha stewart

I just LOVE this. Create a BOW out of your napkin! Genius! 


(Can you tell I love simplicity? The tea party post and this table setting post are VERY similar!)

Using scrap book paper is such a simple, yet effective way to set your table… Cut a triangle out of the top (or wherever you see fit), use as your name card, and set a plate on top! I love these colors, as well. Teal and muted colors with a splash of salmon.

THIS! This, I love. I love the unusual use of the vasey-bowls. Placing flowers topped with water, and stacking the three sizes. Using interesting items on your table not only captivates your guests, it sparks conversation. When you set your table,  

use items that will spark conversation.

I just love a long table with flowers lining the center. I also LOVE a big table like this.

Everyone sitting just a little too close – 
this is the type of table I want when I grow up.

Google table settings – peruse Martha Stewart’s website – create your own settings!

Remember – this is YOUR dinner party. Do yourself a favor and be simply creative. Use items that are functional, but elegant.

Cheers, friends!

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