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Girl’s Taco Night (Easy Party Idea)

Girl’s Taco Night is so much fun to host when you want to entertain your friends at home. Taco Night is always a hit with scrumptious recipes!

Girl's Taco Night

If you’re looking for Girl’s Taco Night Aesthetic Inspiration, you’re in the right spot! This party isn’t just for girls—it’s for anyone and everyone who loves to host dinner parties at home and invite their friends over for a delicious night of cocktails and food!

Around Valentine’s Day, I hosted a fun little “Hugs & Tacos” themed party for my girlfriends.

watermelon margaritas on a drink tree

The one thing I loved most about this party was that I got to enjoy it WITH my friends! I had prepped everything and spent just a few minutes assembling the cold toppings on the “Topping Roulette” board.

This post will walk you through each party element and what I did to prepare ahead and serve.

How to Host a Taco Party

First, while I intended to do tacos, I realized serving my Pulled Pork Chalupa was easier than actual tacos.

pulled pork chalupa party

One of the reasons I love this recipe so much is that it’s very DIY. People can make their bowls and add whatever toppings they want.

Plus, you can make this chalupa recipe a few days before your party and use your slow cooker to reheat it (and serve!).

Making the main dish ahead of time takes so much pressure off of hosting a dinner party! Every host needs to consider it when inviting people over for dinner.

In addition to your Mexican main dish, you’ll need a couple more items:

  • Drink of Choice
  • Appetizer
  • Toppings for the Chalupa/Tacos
  • Dessert – which I asked one party-goer to bring!

Cocktail Idea for a Taco Party

The dinner party started with Watermelon Margaritas!

watermelon margaritas

This easy cocktail recipe is the perfect batch cocktail you can prepare hours before your first guest arrives.

The base of this cocktail is a scrumptious mocktail.

making watermelon margaritas

Pineapple juice, Simply Watermelon Juice, and Simply Limeade are all mixed.

Then, when you’re ready to pour into your serving vessel, add Tequila or choice, or rum would be amazing!

I love serving cocktails off of my darling Drink Tree!

These heart-shaped coupe glasses are from Anthropologie. While they are sold out, I found these Iridescent Coupe Glasses on Amazon that are still oh-so-darling!

I even added edible glitter to the margaritas for an extra touch every partygoer loves.

stirring up batch margaritas

I did this earlier in the morning when I was making the cocktail. I would suggest adding the edible glitter just before serving, it lost a bit of it’s luster as it sat in the fridge for a few hours.

Margaritas are an easy cocktail idea for the night. But you could also make Pina Coladas, Palomas, or any other Mexican drink recipe idea that suits your fancy!

Friendship Bracelet Wine Charms

For each person, I made a “Friendship Bracelet Wine Charm.” I wanted to go the extra mile and let all my friends know I thought about them before their arrival.

I ordered these wine charms onto which you can string the colorful tassels. Next, I ordered friendship bracelet letters that fit the wine charm rings. Each person had their name and a colorful tassel that I thought represented them.

serving cocktails out of a silver tea set

I served the margaritas out of my inherited Silver Tea Set. The teapot had the mocktail, and the coffee pot had the margarita.

pouring margaritas into glasses

Appetizer Idea for a Girl’s Taco Party

I wanted to serve a big chip and dip table on my coffee table.

Serving appetizers in one location of your home and moving to another for the main course is great.

appetizers ready for a taco party

I purchased a few types of jarred salsas and queso, then I made two dips.

3-ingredient sour cream dip

The first fip I made was this 3-Ingredient Sour Cream Dip everyone loves! It’s always a winner!

mexican layer dip

Mexican Layer Dip will always be on the table when making a Mexican-themed meal. It’s delicious and works as a topping for later if you have some left!

The party could have ended here, around this table. We could have sat and dipped and sipped for hours!

Taco Topping Bar

I called this “Topping Roulette” because I put the whole serving platter on a lazy Susan.

taco topping bar

The inside serving piece is a lazy Susan-style serving tray with multiple compartments. I added a coupe glass with pickled jalapenos into the sour cream.

The big serving tray the vintage piece is in is made from Golden Rabbit Enamelware, and I use it all the time! I have invested in so many enamelware pieces and love every single one of them.

The table was set days in advance.

A simple red tablecloth, white shallow bowls, and everyday flatware.

Side Note: I ordered these white shallow bowls for a dinner party I hosted over a decade ago. They have been my “everyday plates” since then. I love them! It’s fun to see them trending as “blates.”

While my friends chatted, I walked to the kitchen to fill the big trays with the toppings. I had them all prepped and ready, so I just opened and poured bags and jars into their allotted spots.

chalupa dinner all ready

Earlier in the day, I got the buffet all ready. The chips propped in the big bowl, ready to be opened and poured in.

The sweet, vintage silver chafing dish (No, I didn’t polish it!), ready with a candle to keep the Chalupa warm.

The water and the ice bucket are ready to go!

“Ready to go!” should be the theme of every party you host; I know it is for me!

What is your favorite part of this party?? Tell me in the comments below!

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