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Easy Meal Prep Grilled Chicken

Easy meal prep grilled chicken is a great way to plan ahead for the week, and create multiple lunch ideas from two chicken breasts.

Easy grilled chicken recipe for your meal prep ideas

Creating recipes that are simple, go-tos are essential in our super busy world. And this guide to prepping chicken is your guide to a week’s worth of lunches prepped, ready and waiting for you! For all the people in my life, they are probably laughing right now — I am NOT a meal prepper…. I don’t enjoy leftovers (the only day I eat leftovers is after Thanksgiving, and that’s a sandwich, so it’s totally different!)… I don’t even like to eat the same thing twice in one week. Except those few weeks I couldn’t stop eating That Good Good Salad… 

meal prep chicken ideas

However, I have gotten in the habit of prepping lunches that I bring to work with me a few days a week.

It’s helpful to use Sunday’s as a ‘Prep & Set’ day — prepare for the week ahead by going over your calendar, seeing all the things you need to do. Seeing when you need to pack a lunch, when you’ll be dining at home, and when you’ll be out and about. My favorite ways to pack lunches are in these glass containers, so easy to clean and very durable (even for glass!).


Here’s how I prep my chicken for the week — then using the guide in my resource library, I make several lunch options. 

Easy meal prep chicken recipe idea

First, season using Sweetpea’s House Seasoning (also found in my FREE library!)

Grill or bake in the oven, whichever you prefer. Grilling takes no time, but the oven leaves you “hands free” to chop other things. #winning {When I was grilling this chicken, I just happened to have some garlic butter for my garlic bread on the stove — I brushed it on a couple times…. ?}

Grilled chicken recipe idea for easy meal prep

Let cool completely, and either add to glass containers with other ingredients, or save in large container and pull out what you need, when you need it. You can also freeze this cooked chicken, individually wrapped in freezer paper for up to 3 months. 

Don’t forget to “join” Sweetpea to gain access to my FREE library with this Meal Prep Chicken Ideas. I add things all the time, and there are several items in the library now that aren’t even “released” on the blog yet! You’ll definitely want these for the holidays coming up!

How do you prep for busy weeks?? I would love to know in the comments below!

You can save this to your favorite meal prepping or chicken board on Pinterest, you know, if you want to! 

Easy grilled chicken recipe for meal prepping ideas

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