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Christmas Drinks with Baileys (14 Recipes to try!)

Christmas Drinks with Baileys are a must-have during the festive season! Cheers to the most wonderful time of year with 14 Baileys Cocktail recipes you’ve got to make!

Christmas Drinks with Baileys

It’s the holiday season, and you need the perfect cocktail for your Christmas party, Hallmark Movie watching, or Christmas Eve!

This post rounds up 14 drink recipes that will relieve your winter chills, and have your next holiday party filled with boozy delights.

Have you ever had Baileys?! Maybe a baileys mudslide, or Bailey white Russian?!

I know I love a creamy cocktail with creamy liqueurs around the Christmas holidays. One of my favorite things is tipping that bottle for a little pick-me-up in my hot chocolate while curled up on the couch watching sappy Christmas movies!

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Why not create a “Santa’s Magic Potion Bar” for the festive period? Your Christmas drinks with Baileys will love the additions.

Here’s what you’ll need to stock the coffee bar or hot chocolate bar!

Peppermint Schnapps or Peppermint Vodka – this is such a yummy ingredient! A little goes a long way, and it cools off any iced coffee!

Chocolate Liqueur – this is a must-have for a delicious cocktail after dinner! It’s also an added bonus for any espresso martini lovers!

Butterscotch Schnapps – this is what makes those White Russian shots go down so easily! Ha! Adding a little to your hot chocolate makes it a deliciously sweet cocktail in no time.

Drink Garnishes:

  • Cocoa Powder
  • Brown Sugar
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Caramel Syrup
  • White Chocolate
  • Thick Chocolate Sauce
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend
  • Chocolate Flakes

Coffee and hot Chocolate Must-Haves!

  • Hot Coffee – you can serve it out of a carafe like this one, and not worry about if it stays hot! It will! Make sure it’s strong coffee!
  • Hot Milk & Cold Milk – you’re extra, so go over the top with both temperatures of milk!
  • Ice Cubes – This is great for iced drinks, but also if you have kiddos making their own drinks. You could also put out vanilla ice cream! Just to be super fancy!
  • Almond Milk – for dairy-free people!

You’ll also want to keep a cocktail shaker and extra martini glasses on deck! I love having these glass mugs out too, they’re so festive. Inside my Amazon Storefront, you’ll find other options for a fancy martini glass, perfect for your friend who likes to be *extra!*

Winter cocktails are so fun to make during the chilly time of the year — the delicious baileys make Christmas cocktail recipes so exciting!

14 Christmas Drinks with Baileys

Christmas Morning Coffee with Baileys

Christmas Morning Coffee – This delicious Christmas morning coffee is perfect for starting your Christmas morning off right. It’s so easy to make and a festive treat to enjoy during the holidays. A little cinnamon sprinkle is a great idea! It’s like Irish coffee, without the hard Irish whiskey.

Peppermint Martini with Baileys

Peppermint Martini with Baileys – Get ready for the holidays with this delicious candy cane-flavored treat. It’s decadent, creamy, and the perfect Christmas dessert cocktail.

Salted Caramel Mudslide

Salted Caramel Mudslide – Salted Caramel Mudslide cocktails are perfect for holiday parties and gatherings with friends. Made with Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and vodka!

Eggnog with Bailey's Irish Cream

Eggnog with Baileys Irish Cream is the perfect festive cocktail to enjoy this holiday season. It comes together in less than five minutes with just a handful of ingredients and is oh so comforting.

Chocolate Covered Cherries martini

Chocolate-Covered Cherries Martini – Chocolate-covered cherries are a favorite classic candy treat So why not enjoy their classic flavors in a scrumptious cocktail? Chocolate Covered Cherry Martinis are a perfect way to get your holiday chocolate-covered cherry fix.

Peppermint Mocha Spiked Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Mocha Spiked Hot Chocolate takes traditional hot chocolate to the next level with the addition of the flavors of mocha, peppermint, and some Bailey’s Irish cream. Top it all off with Peppermint Mocha Whipped Cream and Marshmallows for an unbelievable sweet treat.

Buttered Toffee Cocktail

Buttered Toffee Cocktail – With its tasty combination of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, and amaretto, this Buttered Toffee Cocktail is truly a delicious drink treat. It’s just perfect for holiday after-dinner sipping.

Baileys Hot Chocolate

After braving the bitter winter weather for a stroll, there is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home to a luxurious cup of Baileys Hot Chocolate to bring you back to a warm and comforting place.

Baileys Vanilla Martini

Bailey’s Martini with a Vanilla Twist – When temps drop, and the snow starts to fall, what better way to warm up than with a Bailey’s Martini with vanilla vodka?

A Few more Delicious Christmas Drinks

Gingerbread martini

This easy Gingerbread Cocktail recipe is guaranteed to be your new favorite festive cocktail! Made with homemade gingerbread syrup and cream liqueur, this easy holiday drink is decadent and full of festive flavors.

Baileys Red Velvet Cherry Martini

Red Velvet Cupcake Martini – Make the most delicious holiday cocktail in the form of a red velvet cupcake chocolate martini.

Vegan Hot Chocolate with Vegan Baileys

Vegan Dirty Snowmen Hot Chocolate – A delicious, chocolatey treat for adults and plant-based, thanks to Baileys Almande. Creamy, incredibly rich, and easy to make!

Martini Macchiato Cocktail

A cozy and creamy Martini Macchiato cocktail. This fun cocktail is made with classic espresso martini flavors but with a splash of Irish cream liqueur to make it creamy and delicious. So easy to make and perfect for the festive season!

Bailey's Hot Chocolate

This Baileys Hot Chocolate is super-rich and only calls for 4 ingredients. Perfect for Christmas!

Christmas Drinks with Baileys

Other Ways to Celebrate at Christmas

Host a Christmas Brunch Tea Party! You can even serve any of the Christmas Drinks with Baileys I’ve listed above.

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