The BEST Steak, Ever.

A simple steak “recipe.” 

Last Wednesday I shared with you my favorite steak marinade. Today, I wanted to share the actual steak…. And give my tips for cooking one!

Steak is one of the most simple “recipes” yet one of the most botched ones!

Here is a simple method: 
marinate, room temp, blot, grill, eat. 

I let my steaks marinade at least a few hours, if not overnight. You don’t have to marinate the steaks, a good rub of salt and pepper is just fine. Especially with GOOD beef. I like to take them out of the refrigerator a good half hour before grilling, bringing them close to room temperature ensures the center of the steak gets hot, and not searing the outside with a cold center… Gross…

When your grill is ready (I use my gas grill on medium high heat, and my grill pan on high heat), be sure to “blot” your steak on both sides on a paper towel. This will help the meat brown and get those grill marks everyone wants. If the steak is too wet, you will end up steaming the steak… Gross…

Place your steak on your grill. Set a timer for 2.5 minutes. Once the timer goes off, shift the steak 45 degrees, and cook another 1.5 minutes. Flip to the other side and do the same routine. Once cooked to your desired temperature, remove and let rest a good 5-8 minutes.

I love to serve my steaks the “French” way… Avec frites. And if I am serving my daddy, I know he needs lots of sauces. A1, Heinz 57, Ketchup. Doesn’t matter how well the steak is seasoned, cooked, how expensive it is, etc. He will want sauce…. And I’m finally okay with that…

How do you cook your steaks?

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Happy Monday, Friends! Hope this makes an appearance on your tables soon.

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