Can You Put a Frozen Pizza in an Air Fryer

Can you put a frozen pizza in an air fryer? Yes! You sure can! This is a quick meal idea for cooking mini pizzas, french bread pizzas, and leftover pizzas!

can you put a frozen pizza in an air fryer

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Recently, I got a Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven, and the best part about it?!

It fits a whole frozen pizza, perfectly. Air fryer pizza has become my new favorite easy meal!

This post will walk you through how to cook the pizza in this air fryer oven and talk you through some other air fryer options and how various frozen pizza brands fit in.

You will love this post because cooking frozen pizza in the air fryer produces a super crispy crust in less cooking time and all-around best results.

Can you put a Frozen Pizza in an Air Fryer?

Yes! You can cook a frozen pizza with the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven.

This countertop appliance works just like a conventional oven, with the addition of a fan, creating convection or air frying cooking abilities.

As one of the larger air fryers on the market, it can cook almost any whole pizza, 13 inches or less.

thin crust pizza in an air fryer

Other tasty pizza options you can cook in this oven are:

  • French Bread Pizza
  • Personal Pizza – think Totino’s Pizza.
  • Deep Dish Pizza
  • Leftover Pizza
  • Thin Crust Pizza – like Red Baron Pizzas, I think Palermo’s is the best frozen pizza brand! (It’s the brand I’m using in this post)
  • Frozen Mini Pizza – the individual-sized pizzas

Of course, when you bake your pizza, you’ll need to follow the different brands’ instructions.

frozen air fryer pizza

Air Fryers Make the Perfect Pizza

The high heat source and circulation inside an air fryer make this the best way to bake a pizza! You get a golden brown crust, melty cheese, and the crispy toppings we all know and love!

If your air fryer basket can fit one of the smaller pizzas, I highly recommend air fryer frozen pizza!

This is also a great option for older kids in your busy household! It’s a great way for a delicious meal to be made and served without having to manage every aspect.

Lots of pizza brands now include air fryer instructions, follow those if they provide them.

How to Cook a Frozen Pizza in an Air Fryer

First, remove all the packaging from your pizza.

The Ninja Foodie doesn’t need any preheating time before adding the pizza.

frozen pizza on Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Oven wire rack

Just place the pizza directly on the rack (If you feel like you need to spray your wire rack with cooking spray, feel free to do so BEFORE the counter-top oven is turned on).

Close the door, and choose BAKE, 450 degrees f, and 10 minutes.

This Palermo Ultra Thin Pizza cooks very quickly, even in a conventional oven. Usually, only 12 minutes is all you need.

cooking pizza in an air fryer

Next, as the air fryer cooks, keep an eye on the pizza.

I should have rotated the pizza once, you’ll notice the top of the pizza that was towards the back is a little browner.

Once the pizza is golden brown on top to your liking, carefully open the door, pull the wire rack towards yourself, and slide the pizza off onto a board.

Yes, I use the pizza box as my board! Why dirty another dish!?

Give this delicious pizza 2-3 minutes on the counter before cutting.

air fryer pizza recipe

Serving this Air Fryer Pizza Recipe

You can serve it off the board (the box?!), as usual!

Take a break and use some paper products to make it incredibly easy to clean up!

A nice Prosecco Vinaigrette Salad is the perfect way to complement pizza night!

Of course, no pizza night is complete without a few dipping sauce ideas.

I love dipping pizza into Melinda’s Pizza Hot Sauce, as well as a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze! You can’t go wrong with the classic ranch either! All are good ideas!

On busy days when you are rushed off your feet, the less time you can spend on a recipe the better!

Other Air Fryer Recipes You Need to Try

Frozen Chicken Wings in the Air Fryer – this is a must-make! You just toss your FROZEN chicken wings with a little seasoning, pop them in the air fryer, and you’re done!

Air Fryer Tater Tots – so crispy!

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls – these are incredible! Especially when you toss them with melted butter, fresh garlic, and parmesan cheese! A light shake of red pepper flakes isn’t bad either!

Save this new air fryer recipe to your favorite board on Pinterest!

Can you put a frozen pizza in an air fryer?

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