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Bacon, Egg, & Cheese, PLEASE.

the standard morning after breakfast sandwich. with southern flair. 

“I’ll have a bacon, egg, & cheese, please.” A phrase most everyone knows. And loves.

This is about the only way I eat eggs. I have a serious disdain for them… The texture thing, y’all, it gets me every time….!

Seeing that I’m not a huge egg fan, I eat this sandwich maybe every few months. It’s special thing, folks.

This is super easy to make, especially if your bacon is pre cooked.

Let’s start with that…. Cooking the bacon.

There really is a *good* way to do it….

I don’t have pictures of this process…. cameras + greasy bacon do NOT mix.

Start with thick cut, UNCURED bacon. I love the applewood smoked bacon from Trader Joe’s!

On a half sheet pan, lined with foil, place strips of bacon. Be sure to leave a little room between each piece, as not to touch.

Place in a COLD oven, close the door. Turn oven to 350˚, and wait 15-20 minutes. Watch it carefully, and remove from oven when it has reached your desire of “doneness.” Remove from pan, and let cool/drain on a plate with a couple paper towels.

We all have different views of what makes bacon “done.” I like crispy bacon, and this is the way to get it crispy. Plus, there is little clean up. No splattering grease, popping out of the pan. Just tip your pan into a jar, and save the fat. Save it and Use it.

*Fun fact: have you ever read the instructions on the bacon package as how to cook?? They tell you to start bacon in a cold skillet. And! If you’re having trouble separating your pieces of bacon before adding them to the pan, use a rubber spatula. The package tells you that, too.*

Now, with the bacon cooked, we can move on to the rest of the sandwich.

This is hardly a recipe, but I’ll make it look like one…

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese, PLEASE.

3 strips cooked bacon
1 scrambled egg
1 slice cheddar cheese
two slices of bread
Mayo. (You heard me!)

Toast your bread until slightly golden. Use a toaster, or the oven, doesn’t matter!

Cook your egg over medium high heat, keeping it flat. ((THIS is why I hate eggs… Flat, fluffy, runny, BLECK!!)) I flip mine once, and place the slice of cheese on top. Cover with a lid while the cheese melts.

Take your toast out of the toaster, and spread a THIN layer of mayo on either side. And don’t question it.

Add your bacon, eggs + cheese to the bread, and make it a sandwich. Slice in half and serve!

I’ve never frozen these, but imagine they would do fine?? But, that makes me gag thinking about frozen eggs….

Let’s continue the gross egg chatter! 😉 Tell me how you like yours cooked??

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